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Singapore – Day 23

This morning we were both still up after midnight. TW had a headache. Dehydration he thinks. I was awake because I had a few messages from the UK and then our real estate agent told us that the unit had been agreed and we need to sign some documents and pay a deposit to secure it.

Yay, we don’t need to spend today looking for a place to live. We did then wake up a bit later. It is the weekend so breakfast runs later anyway. I had some work to do. Small things can take a long time, do it once and do it right. I don’t like to rush things, I like to get them right.

Today at breakfast I decided to try one of the weekend special drinks. They have the cart out on Saturday and Sundays only. Coffee or tea. It is sweetened condensed milk plus your brewed drink of choice.

She started by measuring out the sweetened condensed milk and then poured in some of the brewed tea that was sitting on a flame to stay warm. Then she used two of those metal jugs and poured the liquid between the two until it was nicely mixed.

Breakfast, work, paperwork, holding deposit for our new rental that took the whole morning. Mid afternoon we managed to leave the hotel, just in time for the thunderstorm.

Christmas shopping. Woo. As I have mentioned before we don’t need to go outside to get to the mall. The hotel is connected to the MRT and the MRT is connected to the mall by underground walkways. We are in search of a specific item for TW for Christmas. Bugis Junction, Bugis+ and Bencoolen all come up empty. We have lunch – it has been house since breakfast – and then head to Suntec City.

Racing track and there are some ramps and things either side

Here I remember to take photos of the kids play areas. With in meters of each other and on the same level – there is more on other levels – we pass 3 kids entertainment/games/play areas.

Climbing wall and ball pit

The first is like an adventure obstacle course with climbing things, pedal power go kart things, a wall to climb. The next is similar to a timezone.

Too bad we are in Christmas shopping mode. I want to play. TW says to me that if only I had the space to play my Dance Dance revolution game on the wii all the years I have owned it. I would have crushed it. I missed my opportunity to be cool in Asia.

The third on this level is similar to the first. I thought it was a day care kind of thing because it had a huge line. I chuckled thinking that Ikea has their creche because they know you will spend more money without upset kids. AND they know the kids will be upset in their store because OMG it ruins healthy adult relationships how can you expect kids and families to survive but as we approached it appeared to be a paid entertainment space as well. Maybe it has better attractions or cheaper or I guess maybe there was a party.

Maybe it is all in a name. Cool-de-sac. So cool everyone wants to go.

TW points out what he wants for Christmas, it is not why we are here or what he really wants. He makes a point of saying that he would really feel like he had made it in his Singapore life if he could just sit back in one of these at home.

On the way home we see a really cool car. The colour I wanted for our car but TW wouldn’t let me have it. All of a sudden he is really impressed with the colour. I think any colour on this car would impress him though.

A nice relax in the room for however long Die Hard 2 runs for. Yes, we watched it. Then back out but this time to the Gardens by the Bay for their Christmas lights. Woohoo.

Our first proper visit to gardens by the bay. It is a beautiful evening. Not too hot. Not too humid. No sign of rain and a big moon.

Springbok in the South Africa garden

We go in to the flower dome first. There is a Christmas exhibit which is sponsored by Disney and is Tsum Tsum themed. There are so many around the dome I had to put them in to a gallery, I tried to do a slide show but the new editor on wordpress insisted on not letting me. I switched to the classic version and managed to get one uploaded but everything got corrupt so a gallery we have.

People line up to get photos in certain spots and it is a free for all in others. From different angles you can see the Singapore flyer out through the dome and it is constantly changing colours. It is really very pretty to be here tonight, on a Christmas lights night, with a clear sky and large moon because we look at some cute Disney character but see Marina Bay Sands or the flyer as well.

These Christmas and Tsum Tsum decorations are not usually in the flower dome. To appreciate the flowers properly I think a day time or a non-Christmas would be best or probably better still would be a non-Christmas day time visit. I think we will get an annual pass, now called a friends of the gardens pass. My gut feeling is that will save us some money in a long run.

We bought the ticket that included the cloud forest as well. Between the flower dome and cloud forrest there were an amazing amount of wood art works and other sculptures. I think these will be better during the day.

There were flowers and plants of course. That is the whole point of these conservatories. We haven’t been during the day though and I think getting a picture would be a whole lot easier with some natural light. There was a lot to look at. I took hundreds of photos. My phone was 86% charged when we arrived and just a few short hours later I was on 9%. I took a lot of photos.

This post may already have too many images in it but we did go to the Christmas Wonderland afterwards. Here come a lot more photos. The moon was big and while it might look small in the photos, on the night it was big and bright and close.

Right place, right time. We caught the light show. I think it actually went for about 20 minutes and was super Christmassy, kids were making their parents dance. It created a massive amount of excitement with families.

And then, at the end of all that. 10pm. There was snow. In Singapore. For Christmas. Is there anything they don’t have!

Elf on a shelf spent the day recovering for a big night. A nice strong coffee and a relax was in store for today.

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