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Singapore – Day 24

Frozen Disney Christmas Orchard Rd display

We arrived home just before midnight last night and I struggled to get to sleep. TW was snoring away but I couldn’t calm my mind down, everything had been so pretty. I started going through my photos from the night. Not as many as I thought but the total number was astounding. I may as well start loading them in to the blog post for yesterday because I am going through them. Nothing beats doing two things at once. The problem with that was before I knew it, it was 4am.

Publishing this post will happen on Christmas day so:

No but seriously Merry Christmas all!

We have a slow start to the day and yes, breakfast but just after we get back from Breakfast they ask to clean our room. Off Christmas shopping. I did buy a gift for TW. Not what he thinks, so no need to talk too much about it now.

I don’t really drink tea or coffee, I have been craving a hot chocolate, juice and water just isn’t going to cut it. Today TW went to a lot of effort to make me one. It was so good. I downed it in about 7 seconds and TW was a bit shocked. He enjoys his coffee over an extended period of time.

Orchard road shopping but we get off at the Newton station on the same train line as the hotel. Rather than swap to the red line and get off at the actual Orchard stop. We walk, past our previous Singapore hotel, 6 years ago I think. Grand Hyatt.

A stop in the mall next to the Grand Hyatt and a number of discussions about our memories of the time we spent in this area. We are here for shopping. We stop our distractions. Off we go to our actual destination.

I got lost in a store. In one entry and out another – I thought if I made 4 left turns I would end up back at the start. Nope, I ended up in a different shopping centre on the other side of the street so I had to go all the way back. It was such a big store that by the time I got back to the part of the store I originally entered, TW was there and so relieved to see me. He was about to send out a search party. He was so worried, I went in 40 minutes earlier when he went to a different store. I didn’t return. Time flies when your lost and confused.

Back along the Disney Christmas street, we decided to walk home. It is different in the day. Fun. Less people. Hot. Sunny. A lot of work and detail have gone in to the display.

We stop off for some of the same photos again. This time I say to TW it looks like the monster is singing a show tune so he joined the chorus line. It is a musical.

Obsessed with putting his head in their mouths! TW found it disappointing that the barrier was too far from Olaf for him to reach.

Pretty sure we pushed in for this photo. Everyone laughed when he put his head in Svens mouth. Our queue jumping is forgiven quickly.

We have lunch at the burger shop we saw the other day. I think it was the biggest meal I have had since arriving. The burgers were ok, big and look good but the taste was just ok. TW ordered a make your own and when it arrived he realised that the one thing he wanted on his burger, the whole reason he did a create your own, was the one thing he forgot to order. Egg.

The burgers really do look good but there is a herb in both of our meat patties that just isn’t a flavour we went. No Mum it wasn’t corriander/cilantro. More of an Italian dry mixed spice blend flavour. I was going to have a grilled chicken burger but when I saw the Mahalo burger with bacon stuffed pork, grilled pineapple and onions. Couldn’t go past it.

In reality I would have preferred a grilled chicken burger but the description got the better of me.

After lunch we came across an art installation. Merry Grinchmas, balloon animals. Poops and cocked legs. I thought it was hilarious. You have to love this country and all the free and entertaining things on offer.

The poop is cordoned off so that you don’t run in to it. TW was asking me if the people who put the guide rope up actually knew it wasn’t real poop. I suggested it was likely a safety thing or to stop people standing/sittting/climbing on it.

Two pieces were outside with two more inside. This yellow one looked innocent from the side.

But you can tell something is wrong. From the front you see what is really going on.

One more puppy, looks like puppy wants a pat.

When we got home we did some online window shopping. It took a really long time so dinner was late in the evening. I decided to take TW to the store I had been getting noodles from as he had not yet been.

He got the dumpling noodles and I got the chicken wing noodles and we both got chilli. I have always said no but today we said just a little. It had a decent heat but not a lasting heat. Tasty.

The dish is assembled for you when you eat in, I guess that is to be expected. The broth is in a seperate bowl. It is good both ways. When it is only $5 for a meal – meat, carbs and veg, very few veg but still, veg – you don’t expect it to taste as good as this does. It is pretty impressive.

On our way home TW says he wants a choctop so we stop in at McDonalds. It is hard to show in the photos but there is a McDonalds store and then a seperate mini store that had a service window – purely for desserts.

At the main entrance there is a sign indicating desserts are down there, but it is a little confusing because it is pointing to the door and then just inside is the counter that says order. It looks like it could be pointing you in to the store.

It is pointing to a completely seperate service area though, which is outside of the store. Well you remain outside, the worker is still inside. Anywhoo, TW thinks dessert must be so popular here that they need their own window. The desserts counter is a bit like McCafe – a store within a store – except it is boxed off and the only way to order is from outside the building.

There is a massive debacle with the elevator to get back to the hotel. All the wrong buttons are pushed. People coming in to the lift but needing to go down. Holding the door open. Not needing the lift. We eventually get to level 25 and decide we will stop and have a drink because TW has never been to the lounge.

There are complimentary drinks and I really enjoyed my lemonade so my glass was empty. TW opted for water. I am sure he enjoyed the lounge as it was intended by sitting there messing about with his phone, the whole time.

Our little elf needed to lay down after seeing the balloon animal art installation.

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