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Singapore – Day 25

Christmas eve.

TW has work so up earlier for breakfast. He goes to work and I pretend I am going to do nothing. I get some gifts out of their hiding places and wrap them. I figure I just have to fold the paper as I haven’t got tape and I am not sure I will be bothered to get tape.

Heineken was handing out wrapping paper the other day when we were in Suntec and we got two rolls. I noticed that the little bit of paper that was holding the paper in a roll actually had a name tag and had plenty of sticky stuff to spare so I just used that instead of tape. Thanks Heineken.

One final surprise, the gift wrap comes with a free beer. It shouldn’t have been so much of a surprise as it was. It turns out the guy who was handing the out the other day was standing at a huge banner. I did not see it at the time but I took a photo today.

Wrapping complete I head out to buy the gifts on the list of things I need to get. My journey did take me back to Gardens by the Bay. I feel we will be spending a lot of time here. Mostly due to the fact we are getting annual passes from my sister.

Gardens by the Bay is free but the conservatories and the walk way between super trees do require a paid ticket. If we were to go 2 times in a 12 month period we would have spent the same as an annual ticket. TW really enjoyed the Flower Dome and thinks I undersold it in my post about it so I am fairly confident based on that they he will want to go more than twice in the next 12 months. This post goes out after Christmas so it is ok, I just need to make sure TW doesn’t read over my shoulder. He has no idea on any of the gifts.

The Christmas Wonderland is closed during the day but the little market stands are still in place so you get the feel of it. At night the super trees are inside the ticketed Christmas Wonderland area so it is good that people can still see the whole area that is usually free during the day. I enjoy that kind of thing. The barriers are set up at night and tickets checked.

TW and I had lunch together. The MRT from the hotel to Gardens by the Bay goes through the station that is attached to TW’s work building so I got off at that stop (though it is the only stop between the two stations so it isn’t a long journey). I thought I would need more paper and didn’t want to pay so I tried to find the spot we were in on the weekend when we got it, which I found but the guy wasn’t there so I took the photo of the banner above. I was hot and tired and sweaty from doing the shopping and walking around in the hottest part of the day.

TW didn’t know what to get me so we were going to go shopping but I was too hot and cranky and now full from lunch so we actually really only went for a walk in the shopping centre after lunch. We walked past Krispy Kreme and they had a sign that said buy 10 get 2 free. He said he would give me the two free doughnuts. When I was leaving to come home we had to walk back past it and I said I was going to be pretty upset if I didn’t get two of them. He came home with 6. Not sure where the other 6 went but I will take that lol.

TW got home late, by late – it was still before 5 but only just. He was meant to have a half day but his meetings were mid-late afternoon and then it ran long (so he says). In any case he had to try and go Christmas shopping for my gift after work as well. Our dinner reservation was for 7pm and we had our pre dinner drinks for 6pm.

We met with the hotels director of sales and marketing Federica for a catch up, the hotel was booked in directly through her and the connection via Mario (at Planetdwellers). It was a great catch up and we also met the GM of the hotel. He was also lovely. It was his birthday. TW said (based on one specific conversation) that Olivier would be a good manager because he is very sweet and kind but also tells it to you straight (he told us one story and that was TW’s take away).

It was nice to have this little catch up because it felt like we had some friends here in Singapore and I have felt a little lost as I am not needing to buy food or cook. Christmas is a time that I stress about food and I haven’t needed to do that which is a little unsettling, great but unusual. To have people to meet up with and chat with, it felt a bit more like home and that we belong. It was just really nice. Happy Birthday Olivier and thank you to all the staff.

I know it doesn’t look like it but I didn’t manage to take a photo of all the food stations. I got distracted about 3 stations in and got a plate and ate lol. Egg nog, mulled wine, gingerbread, chocolate fountain and everything else you could hope for.

We watched Ferdinand after dinner.

Our elf on a shelf was super helpful today and helped with the gifts.

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