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Singapore – Day 26


I had to wee just after midnight so wished TW a Merry Christmas. About 3 am TW became a faff-a-bout sir kerfuffle-a-lot. He woke up hot, dehydrated and hung over. Shower, water and pain killers. Turns out he had a few too many fancy champagnes before dinner. Or he just can’t handle any kind of liquor any more. Out of practice. Thats a good thing.

Wake up again, properly this time. TW got a call from his Aunt to wish us Merry Christmas. We open gifts, make some calls – no one answers – then go to breakfast.

We both had waffles to start, we waited just two seconds for them to come hot off the press. Nom nom, fresh hot waffles. They look good in photos and taste better in person. Light and fluffy. Not Belgium Liege waffles which are our favourites but really good.

I had Asian breakfast for my second plate. It’s Christmas, we both had a second plate. TW had potato gems/tater tots, mushrooms and bacon. I got a little too much food but it was tasty. Dinner for breakfast is one of my favourite things.

Our room was cleaned while we were at breakfast. I didn’t think it was a late breakfast but maybe it was – if they were already up to cleaning our room while we were eating.

I’ve had a lot of people telling me the mini bar isn’t really free and I am crazy. And even if it was free it would just be a once off just not daily.

Yet here we are, with a fridge fuller than it can handle because we didn’t actually use much yesterday. Not only do they replace it, they aren’t stingy about it and put the new days allowance in the fridge – if they can fit it in.

We try the calls again, I get my parents but not my sister, no one Answers to TW so he spends the day slipping in to any conversation or random pause about how they avoided him and don’t like him.

Most things in Singapore are open on Christmas day so we went for a wander in to the shopping centre. TW only has today off, Boxing Day (the 26th of December) isn’t a public holiday in Singapore. The only official public holiday for Christmas is Christmas Day itself.

I got a Christmas lunch snack but TW wasn’t hungry. A cheese slice bread roll – which happened to have sugar on it and was a sweet bread roll, a little confusing plus a hot dog bun roll. The room had extra snacks so we went back and watched some movies. TW had two coffees and some Krispy Kremes while the movies were on. He wanted a snack but not a meal.

TW goes back to the phone calls. He tries his younger brother first, who did answer and broke his dry spell. Not so moody after that. Eventually he got to speak to everyone and was much happier for it. He still manages to drop in to conversation how no one likes him and has a mini self pity party. Maybe he should have called some friends or people who wouldn’t be busy. It is difficult because being 3 hours behind we were waking up right about the time everyone on the East Coast of Australia was sitting down for lunch and all of his family live in either Sydney or Newcastle. The start of lunch is basically the end of the day on Christmas. I think he was aware of that which is why he was stressing about it. He was not in the mood to call people when we woke up which was probably the better time, he needed food and probably coffee after his disturb sleep.

Enough about TW’s moodiness, this is Christmas, it happens at Christmas – usually due to someone being too stressed in the kitchen but lets get back to the good stuff. Sometimes I wonder just how badly he has middle child syndrome.

After he finishes talking to everyone that he was complaining about not getting to speak to, we went for a walk. Aiming for Gardens by the Bay to watch the night time spectacular again, we ended up at Marina Bay Sands. Hungry, we walked the whole shopping centre, twice. Before deciding that we should just eat at Bugis so we got the MRT back.

Most of the food we buy is on a cash only basis. There aren’t too many places that will take card and tonight is no different. We go cheap in the end because we don’t want to wait in long lines. We didn’t have plans, we intended to plan but when I got sick we just didn’t. After the dinner last night we thought to have that tonight – it would be the perfect Christmas meal. Realising at about 3pm that it was the lunch buffet not a dinner buffet today and by then we had missed the lunch buffet. It is ok. We don’t mind a cheap dinner. We had a good Christmas last night with people. It felt like we had gone to someone’s house for dinner – someone with a large family. Tonight a Let’s Eat dinner is fine not what we would have planned but nice enough.

It looks a bit sad on paper compared with yesterday but we had a nice Christmas. Relaxed and did something new as well. TW does only have this one day off so there was always going to be a bit of an adjustment on our part. I think the best part of Christmas is he had 1 day of work and then a day off and now only has 3 more until the weekend.

Our elf gathered his friends today and they minded our gifts.

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MT is an avid traveller, travel agent and lover of (almost) all food. TW is a reluctant traveller, digital marketing guy and fussy eater.


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  2. Diane Harvey says

    I am looking forward to reading more of the empty chronicles. Keep writing as it makes us all feel that we are in Singapore with you both!!!!

    • We are trying to take enough photos to fill in the days so that people feel like they are here with us. Once we have moved in to our place we might get in to more of a routine for phoning or video chat but T working and the 3 hour difference makes it a little difficult. And then if he is in Bangkok or somewhere else for a meeting they are in a different time zone again. I think he would like once a week but you’d be lucky for a call once a month if it is left to him lol.

  3. John Williams says

    Hi Tris sorry to hear that u stressed at Xmas over missed calls we did eventually catch up we missed you very much but you and michelle were with us in spirit we all love u very much and we had a picture of u and michelle at the table when when we were eating we pretended that u were there Brent did the voice overs hilarious you would have laughed All our love Mum and Dad xx

    • I think he was just a bit homesick or missing the Australian culture as he knew he had to work the next day and was very busy. He has had a few years of not having Christmas with you but this one was a bit different as we didn’t see anyone and won’t see anyone. Usually we would see you at least the weekend before or after Christmas if we were with my family for Christmas. He was a little moody all day but he had also been dehydrated and hungover which he hasn’t been on Christmas for a very long time now. He was happy to speak to everyone 🙂

  4. Diane Harvey says

    We missed you two on Xmas Day but happy that you had a great day in Singapore. Luv reading your daily journal.

    • It was a good day and your call was definitely appreciated. I think T was a bit homesick maybe. Feeling a bit left out/out of it but everyone did their own thing back at home anyway so it wasn’t like what he was picturing. You did that early. He could have also been slightly upset with just the one day off, usually his work has a close down between Christmas and New Year but he is actually really busy at work right now so it is all very different. He will appreciate it more next time we see people though, he has learnt that about himself.

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