Moving to Singapore
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Singapore – Day 27

Boxing day. Not so exciting, it is not a public holiday in Singapore.

Dinner for breakfast. Stir fried veg, noodles, smoked salmon, cheese and bread. Nom Nom Nom.

TW had to go to work straight from breakfast but he invited me to lunch.

We had $11.50 in cash. The last of our Singapore Dollars until TW gets paid, hopefully tomorrow but he should definitely be paid by the day after. Mie Goreng with prawn and some Hong Kong noodle dish. It cost exactly as much as we had. $5.5 for the mie goreng and $6 for the other dish. We can take out some more cash but we are really trying to avoid the exchange fees.

Lunch was nice, a walk around the shops then beck to work for TW and I got the MRT home. Stupidly I was wearing sweat pants, I didn’t get changed when I left for lunch. I wasn’t going to walk outside with long pants on at lunch time. Wowsers it can get hot and muggy in the middle of the day.

When TW got home we decided to do something different and use the drinks vouchers we got when we checked in. Down to Bar Square and the choice was a beer or signature cocktail. We decided on cocktails. I picked the gummy bear cocktail, which TW drank and I went and got a lemonade. I did have a sip and I did eat all of the gummy bears from it.

TW joked that I would order another gummy bear cocktail and ask them to hold the cocktail. Maybe, been a while since I had a gummy bear. He got the margarita. I had a drop of this land on my finger when I moved it back after taking the photo and I did not like it at all. TW said it was pretty good. It is just because I don’t drink that I didn’t like it. Both cocktails were tasty – polar opposites. He can’t pick a favourite, he enjoyed them both.

Enjoyed them both but not more than his phone.

Pool time! Nice night for it. Except it was full. I am not sure how there happens to be no one in the photo. Maybe because this is the edge of the pool. Testing the temperature outside, not planning to swim, we decide to eat at Aunties Wok and Steam at the hotel.

Dinner was the vegetarian bee hoon (noodles) and prawn and chicken dumplings. The mushrooms in the noodles were yummy.

Dumplings were nice, a little spicy. TW thought is had some Szechuan
pepper, which it did. Well it was in the chilli sauce. To us Szechuan
pepper tastes like dish soap. We both have it. Like the coriander thing. I have that too but the way to get rid of that is to eat more. I persevered and my hate of coriander subsided but I haven’t had any in a while so it could be back. Anywho, I didn’t have much chilli oil on mine but TW piled it up on his first one. For his second and third he tipped it off a little.

They look like Singapore noodles, if they didn’t have the mushrooms it might have tasted like what TW is expected from Singapore noodles.

On his phone, again. Not one strand of noodle anywhere on the table except right here. TW making a mess all over the place. Can’t take him anywhere.

Plans to do something more interesting but TW was a little tipsy so we watched the a movie. TW offered to put Might Car Mods Christmas special (not that I don’t enjoy watching MCM, just not today). It is only 1.5 hours and I said I would rather watch Coco again. It was just about to start on fox movies. I watched it just a couple days ago so I warned him I would be sad but we put it on anyway. I thought he had seen it and said in just a couple of minutes he would realise he watched it already.

He hadn’t seen it before and by the end of the movie he was an emotional wreck as well. I find the start sadder knowing the ending. I was ok at the end and had to do a lot of consoling. He stood in the bathroom, blowing his nose at one point. In the door so he could still see the last of the movie.

To recover from that, he watched Ted 2. All the swears were edited out so he focused his energy on that and forgot about his sadness.

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