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Singapore – Day 28

TW got paid!!! Woowoowoo. We have money, local money. No more need to worry about exchange costs. Only we have to spend most of it today as well. 2 months rent as bond, 1 months rent in advance. Lucky we took the cheaper place so he’s got enough to cover that and there will be just enough left to pay the hotel what we still owe them.

Our new place is 1 bedroom but 786 square foot unit and it has two full bathrooms. It is old so the bathrooms are older style. We bargained down the price and it was a compromise we were happy with. The bedroom is massive. I think the bedroom and ensuite make up over half the apartment TW thinks it is half half. Either way. It is a big one bedroom apartment. The link (blue text) is not be our actual apartment but it is the same type of unit (they only have 3 types in the building). There is about 30 units.

The hotel has been mostly prepaid but we booked for longer than a month so we are paying about 10 days, which we still owe. Bad news is that will be almost exactly all of his pay.

Good thing we have a months worth of practice of living cheaply. Problem is, our practice involved a hotel that gave us a good buffet breakfast and constantly replenished snacks. It is much easier to live cheap when your food is replenished for free. Either I will take some money out to get us through or we are going to check if the hotel has the option to pay in AUD and then use one of our Australian accounts to pay the remainder or transfer from one of the Australian accounts to the Singapore account. We just have to work out what are actual options and then which is the cheapest. It isn’t just fees, everyone has a different exchange rate as well.

We are in to our first set of lasts. This is our last Thursday at the hotel, we already had our last Wednesday night and tomorrow will be the last Friday. I think we will miss it here and the staff are used to seeing us now so I think they will miss us. It might be unexpected for them but I think they will. For just over a month they will have greeted us at breakfast, at our room and in the lobby. My guess is that is is unusual for guests to be here so long but that they have grown used to seeing us around without realising it. They noticed when I went to breakfast late and when TW was away in Bangkok for work.

Breakfast, no gym. No excuse for not going just we didn’t get in to the habit of it. Need to correct that. I am in the habit of posting daily but I would rather be in the habit of being healthy aiming to get on to that. TW is off to work after breakfast but not directly from breakfast.

I work on a few things in addition to organising the appointments lease signing (tomorrow) and getting the keys for our unit (2nd Jan). All booked in. Organising the deposit to be paid, we need to make two payments to different accounts. Plus arranging our cat to be moved.

It is a process and I don’t understand it fully so we are paying a company to take care of it all for us but there are still things on my end I need to confirm and organise. We also need documents to confirm she has had her needles otherwise she will need it again at least 2 weeks before she moves. The process takes at least 3 weeks. I have looked at doing it myself but I just don’t want the responsibility of doing it myself from here. Imagine the stress of not lodging something on time and then she can’t come. We aren’t in Australia, if something goes wrong we don’t have anywhere for her to go or someone to pick her up from the airport. It is better, for us, to let the professionals do it and give ourselves the peace of mind knowing her move is being handled properly.

While the room is cleaned I head to the lounge. We haven’t spent much time there. Level 25 has the Christmas music playing. Half hour or an hour in the lounge. Some free snacks and drinks. Should have come here more during the stay, oh well.

No lunch for me, just some room snacks on top of the lounge snacks. Busy busy with random things. TW had lunch alone, he wasn’t prepared for it.

Back to trying to organise the cat. I need to confirm if the vet kept the sticker from the injection when she got her needle last year. Singapore required a vaccination certificate as well as the sticker from the batch with the number and all things required to identify it. Ahhh, it is kind of stressful. Holiday time means reduced staff, I don’t know when they will get to my email. And now she is living away from her regular vet and also away from the country vet my mum trusts. She hates being in the car so it is going to be a disruption to take her back to the vet now. The needle and certification that meets Singapore standards needs to be sent at least 14 days prior to her arrival in Singapore. I wish we knew the sticker and batch number requirement before we left. We could have found out if her record had the required information and based on that if she needed another I could have taken her in to get it far more easily.

I read a blog post (you can read it here) about someone moving from USA to Europe and they got to take their cat on the international flight in the cabin with them. I was so jealous. I would much rather that because I fly over and fly back with her and could keep an eye on her. We don’t have that option in Australia, she must go in the animal area of the cargo hold. All of their tips are not allowed or not relevant for Australia/our specific trip which is a shame, but it still made me feel better for reading it. Lola is probably better in the cargo hold than sitting next to a stressed me on the flight. She would just get more upset from my stress. I will keep telling myself that it is better this way.

My mum has realised what I have been saying all along. Cat doesn’t like the thought of other animals but she is coping being at the country house. The dogs are locked outside and Cat has new places to explore. She is a proper scaredy cat but also loves exploring new rooms. As much as I don’t like the thought of her being where dogs are or the thought of her having to board in Sydney before her flight, her time now with the dogs will hopefully make the boarding experience less of a shock for her. If she can cope now with the dogs and all the other animals she should be ok boarding. She has been in the car for as long as the flight will be , she isn’t happy about it but she has coped with it and is relaxing in to it. More relaxed with each trip. Though she rarely travels in the car. We avoid it at all costs.

TW and I got for a walk when he finishes work and on a corner we see and ABC store. Now, if you have been to Hawaii you will know of ABC stores. If you haven’t been, every third store is an ABC store and it is a mini or super convenience store depending on what you are used to.

For a snack we got the Popeyes Thursday special, which was a Cajun or Creole burger and mashed potato. We got one of each burger with the intention of swapping and trying both. In reality we just ate our own burgers.

Neither of us were satisfied with the meal but we decided to wait and see if we got hungry again or not, rather than just order something else now. We walked through the Bugis+ shopping centre.

This time we found some great things that we hadn’t come across before because we hadn’t ventured to the higher levels. A bingo pub. CH and AH we will take you when you come to visit. We know how much you like bingo. A snooker hall and bar, half a hall because it is open to the shopping centre.

Darts, digital or virtual darts is a possibility. I didn’t go in and look properly. People were throwing darts at a screen so at least some boards were digitised. I guess it is safer to have a touch screen dart than a sharpened metal dart.

Another games arcade, this is closer to home. TW decides now is the best time to tell me that he has most of these games in his office and he can play them any time if he has a chance. He doesn’t really have the time at the moment but still. Telling me right now, sigh.

Finally we get second dinner. A chicken. BBQ chicken. Black bean flavour I think. He tells me it isn’t quite hot but when I carry the bag it feels more like it is no longer cold – i.e. it was cold but not warm rather than it was hot and cooling down. It is colder than it is warm or hot. Fearing food poisoning we discuss getting something else and he will take the chicken to work and heat it up properly. Chicken has been purchased and is already in our hand so I say I will just eat that. Which I do so he does as well. No instant food poisoning so it is probably ok. TW had the beer and I had the coke to try and sterilise the chicken while we ate it.

I know someone who worked on the Netflix Bird Box movie so we watch that. Google told TW that people had said it was the scariest movie they had ever watched and this set us up to be frightened beyond belief. We braced for it. It was a well executed plot story. Neither of us found it scary or a psychological thriller type. Maybe we have watched too much walking dead or supernatural. It was a good movie and entertaining for the whole movie but to me the scariest character is the white bald man because he represents everything wrong with society. I don’t mean his drinking or that he was terrible to his wives, I mean that he is willing to kill anyone and everyone who isn’t his family because only the people he knows matter. It is the basis for war. Every life is important and has value and in a crisis, yes you want your family to survive but you should care about everyone surviving and not push others in to harms way. We all like to think we aren’t the villain of the story but when was the last time you did something that made you stand out as the hero? I said to TW it wasn’t as scary as Coco was sad and that if he watches Coco again he will realise how sad the start of that movie really is. His response – Oh no! He is never watching Coco again. Poor thing. More traumatic than having his wisdom teeth out.

Netflix has some good quality movies out. Bird Box was blockbuster style, it comes off polished and no expense spared. True Memoirs of an International Assassin was also a really good movie to watch. We watched it on Christmas day I think. TW recalls how both movies were really good and how much money Netflix has for these projects now.

It is late now. Time for sleep.

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