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Singapore – Day 29

Organic rice and veg for breakfast. I do wonder if it is healthy at all because it is super super tasty. Must be if I have dinner for breakfast just about every morning. Small portion, it has been a while since the rice was on the buffet so I just had a sample.

I decide then to get another plate of food, a bit more of a western breakfast this time. I ended up with cold cuts, tater tots, cheese and bread.

TW ordered an omelette and then decided he didn’t really feel like one lol. He did get through it all.

For the first time I walked TW to work. Hilariously he says to me, with no warning or context – do you want to be vampires and avoid the sun. I said yes without hesitation but I was really confused. I then realised we missed the cross walk light and a quick look around shows everyone else waiting in the shadow of the building to avoid standing in the not quite searing heat of the morning sun.

I wandered around the shops, there was a store I saw before Christmas that I couldn’t find again. The shops weren’t open, it is 10am or after. Even if I found the store it would have been closed. The real estate agent was coming to do the lease but instead she had said she would just pick it up. Which then changed to a courier would pick up. That became the courier would pick up and take to the owner so we said we would just take it over.

TW wanted to confirm some things from the lease so I went home. On my way I saw the kids play centre that I posted about the other day. It is actually 2 levels. It is massive. Who wouldn’t want to be a kid in Singapore!

TW was busy at work and I had a bit of a headache so the day flew past. Lease and pet agreements in hand we go to the office after TW finishes work and get that all officially signed and submitted. Yippee, we have a place to live. Moving date is not until 2nd Jan, we didn’t take photos either time we saw it because the tenant was home and it was all their stuff. Once we have our own stuff in and organised (it is fully furnished so it isn’t much of our stuff) we will take photos.

There was a bit of a slight mix up today at the hotel. The room hadn’t been cleaned while I was out and I put the clean room sign on but someone came in and turned it off. I was confused. The mini bar lady (her job is to refill the mini bar and I have seen her a lot so we chat) came and was confused to see me. She asked oddly if she should refill, I said yeah sure why not. Then she confirmed, I don’t remember her question but it made me realise today was the cross over day. Due to the length of our stay we actually have two bookings in the system but we were checked in to the same room the entire time.

This confused house keeping, they were thinking they should do the exit clean and when they found our stuff still in here decided not to clean the room. The mini bar lady said if I put the light on they would come, so I had done so after her suggestion but they hadn’t cleaned it so we went to reception to explain and they organised the room to be cleaned.

Then the internet dropped out. Ah, I need to log in again because the bookings have switched over. TW’s online app said he was now checked out and then when we tried to get back after one of our walks the room keys didn’t work. Everything was an easy fix but we could have avoided it by checking out and in at breakfast time. If we knew about things dropping out or being confusing for the different departments we would have done so. Not a big deal but we did have to sort out each element individually as they slowly happened. Easier if everything hit at once. We are well looked after and everyone is super friendly. No big deal.

Dinner was a little early. Pepper lunch in Bugis Junction. It was always too expensive or too busy to eat at in Sydney and TW felt like some steak so we thought why not. It was a nice meal but probably my least favourite out of the meals (apart from Hungry Jacks and Popeyes). Everything is so good and cheap and tasty here, this one missed the mark for me. It could have been an error in meal – I got the special with chicken and egg. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice, it was tasty. Other meals have just been more to my taste. TW had a steak meal and felt the same. It was good, tasty but it isn’t ranking well against other meals.

The novelty of our dinner coming out on a sizzling pan and having to cook it yourself was fun. My chicken was pre-cooked so I was just needing to brown it up but the egg was raw and fried up awesome with the cheese in my dish.

After dinner we walked downtown, passing Raffles on the way. You can just make out the hotel in the background and it’s ‘Raffles Hotel’ sign. Raffles is under renovation, not reopening until mid 2019. One of the bars is open I believe but it is the only thing open. Above is our version of the iconic hotel photo. Their construction dividing wall. It is walking distance from the Andaz and even closer to our new apartment. FYI for anyone who wants to visit but insists on staying old school.

Continuing our walk there are some nice views to be had just down the street. Slightly too hot to be pleasant, not so hot that it is uncomfortable and a breeze wouldn’t go astray the night is nice for a walk. Muggy but not overly. It is at that temperature and humidity level where just slightly less would be wonderful and you can cope with what you have.

Samsung doesn’t quite program the S7 camera or whatever phone I have to deal with night photography and street lights. Downtown Singapore and the Art Museum. Well lit church. It all looks so pretty tonight.

Getting in to an air conditioned building becomes my aim and we head to an underpass which leads to a shopping centre which has an MRT station that leads to another underpass which brings us to Suntec. Yes! Love it when you can walk a mile and not leave air conditioning.

Apparently I had promised TW ice cream when we set off on our adventure so we head to the McDonalds in Suntec. It is about 10pm and officially the stores close about then. We aren’t sure if a Friday night is different or if the food court is open later. There is a cinema in the centre so they might be but sometimes food court fast food chains can do really weird things.

It was open, we waited 30 minutes for our McFlurries to be made. Busy busy, we were 25th in line or something ridiculous. The wait was relative to how busy the store was. Debating whether or not we should see a movie we head to the cinema. Not sure where it is in relation to where we are we decide to find some seats and just sit and eat our sweets. In doing so we stumble across another example of how family friendly Singapore is. This time it is a mix of free and paid.

You have spongey floor and a number of different play zones. This was not the whole playground. In the background you can see Zero Latency which is a multiplayer virtual reality game. Like laser tag on speed. You have to try and protect yourself from the virtual ghouls rather than the opposing team.

I don’t know f I could handle being trapped in a room with a virtual headset on and Zombies coming at me. I picture myself closing my eyes and either huddling behind anyone, holding their shirt for dear life or sitting in a corner facing a wall. Probably best just to take the head set off. Better yet, I might be the kind of person who shouldn’t play.

Now, just outside this laser tag nightmare is a cafe. At this cafe whey have mini construction machinery. TW was far more interested in this. Checked out the menu – all reasonably prices $13 or under. Items that he would eat.

I asked if you had to pay to use the machinery. He didn’t look at or for that. As an adult he thinks it would be frowned upon for him to want to use mini machinery. I said well maybe it is build of adults.

We did not check if you have to pay an additional amount or if it was kids only. The cafe was closed and lets be honest, this whole area was a kids playground, a teen to adult virtual reality game that would give me nightmares forevermore and a machinery cafe. Unless one of you visit, with your kids, I don’t think we will be back here.

How wonderful is the internet though. It is called Diggersite Cafe and you can find out all the details here. It looks like it is aimed at kids. Small kids can sit on adults laps. Nothing about a kid being required though.

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    Fantastic that you are moving to your own place. Now you can unpack and make it yours!

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