Moving to Singapore
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Singapore – Day 3

A Singapore shop house building

Today was about starting the house search. 

Gym, breakfast and then off to meet an agent at a shop house conversion in Chinatown. It is on the MRT to TW’s office and the unit was only a very short walk to the station plus it was right in Chinatown with everything you could want to eat at a budget friendly price. The issue with these apartments (we looked at 4) is they are over the budget so we would have to eat at very cheaply if we decided to take one of these places.

We weren’t able to get in to the other apartments the agent had but we walked over to another block that we were interested in. It is also walking distance to Chinatown, because well we walked to it, but it this area had a far more upmarket feel. There are multiple high end and luxury hotels in the neighbouring buildings. It is a trek to the MRT but a never ending supply of taxis were available due to the hotels. I saw a bus or two but we weren’t sure how easy it would be to get to work. We will have a look at it in the coming days.

Our elf on a shelf forced us to watch Captain America when we returned, after dinner we had to watch Fast and Furious 6 so I hope we get to watch Christmas movies tomorrow or the she is off doing something else. Our little Giraffe is having a laugh at the movies she picked. We also watched Green Lantern, having watched Deadpool 2 on the flight over – I liked Green Lantern and having re-watched still prefer it. Though I am not big on violence and excessive random killings/deaths in movies. 

First movie we were forced to watch

We also went to an owner rented unit. The effort it took to get there, the location – suburb and physical location on a very busy street – were not appealing to us. The unit was nice but small and didn’t have any charm or character of the shophouse units and the amenities were fantastic. There was no escaping the road noise in the common areas as they were all open air. Lovely. Not for us though.

We returned to the hotel and freshened up while a storm passed and then we went for the pancakes we missed yesterday. The pavement was wet but we were only halfway to the pancake house when the second phase of the storm blew in from behind us. The lights at the crosswalk were red so we had to run to the MRT and then work our way back to the shopping centre and pancake house.

It was worth it. They are different in texture to what we thought they would be, to what they look like they would be but they were amazing. We ordered an 8 stack and added 2 scoops of ice cream. Nom nom nom.

A quick trip to BreadTalk for some … well… bread. We thought a savoury snack might be in order if we got peckish later. We knew we wouldn’t need dinner and didn’t want to have to leave the hotel again. Just a little bit tired. It was after 7pm. 

Bed time. TW has work tomorrow. He will be hard at work on our 4th day, 3 full days in the bag and then straight in to full time work for him. I get a message about viewing another shop house tomorrow. 2 pm. It is right near our hotel which means it is walking distance to work. We are meeting just opposite that place we had that for dinner a couple nights ago. This one is a little closer to our budget so excited about that. It is also massive but the photos don’t make it look big so we will see what it is like tomorrow. I will see, TW will be at work.

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