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Singapore – Day 30

Gardens By the Bay Christmas wonderland super trees

Noooo it is the last weekend at the Andaz Singapore. We have forgotten how to take care of ourselves. How can we be allowed to leave and fend for ourselves in the wild. Nooo.

Dinner for breakfast, Andaz Singapore buffet breakfast

Late breakfast, luckily breakfast at the Andaz runs late on weekends. I had rice and veg again and then some cheese, pepperoni and bread. Last night TW read about the muffins. He can’t remember me telling him and he hadn’t read that blog post before so he was sitting with a dismayed look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and his reply was that he didn’t know about the caramel mini muffins and then today they were on the buffet so I got him some.

Caramel filled mini muffins. Cheese, bread and pepperoni.

He made himself an iced coffee. This isn’t an easy task. He just happened to see one of the staff members refilling an ice bucket for the extra stations they had on the buffet from an ice chest and he asked if he could get some ice out too. Then over to the nespresso machine. He enjoyed it. No sugar. Ice cold coffee.

Ice coffee self made at the Andaz Singapore Alley on 25 buffet

We were going to do laundry and get it out of the way but decided against it. Over to Suntec instead. TW saw something on sale, well he thought he saw it on sale and wanted to check if it was or not. A neck massager. He saw a good one in a store and then found another half the price. The cheaper one is not as good. If he has read the sign correctly the good one has been reduced. Half price. That makes it the same price as the “inferior” one he saw. If he read it properly. Not sure but pretty keen to check it out. It is on sale. Woo. He bought it.

oSim uCozy massager

Now we had decided against laundry but changed our minds. It was a decent decision as we were out and about but also not too active during the hot part of the day. The laundromat is in a HDB complex and those have food courts and market stands. We had lunch while the washing was on.

HDB food court noodles

Mie Goreng for me and fried bee hoon goreng (something, I forget the last or second to last word of the dish, noodles. Thin noodles) for TW. They were a bright but deep orange colour, both dishes. Not what we expected but pretty tasty. $4.50 per person, made hot and fresh. The eggs seem to be pre-cooked and kept warm or cooked too early. Noodles arrive piping hot. What more can you ask for at $4.50 a meal.

Food court is home to a stall with $2.50 chicken rice. Tempting. So cheap, I wanted to taste it. The line at that shop was a lot longer than my hunger would allow me to deal with. I am sure it was good though. The stand next to it also had a massive line. It seems those two were the ones to eat at.

We put the clothes on to dry and have a play on that outdoor gym equipment buy a big bottle of water and then sit and wait for the clothes to dry. Not a moment of boredom, the time went by quickly.

Bugis Junction steak, pork belly and chips dinner.

Folding the dry clothes and then heading back to the hotel. We sort and watch movies. It looks like it will rain or storm but doesn’t. We chill out – literally – for a couple hours and watch a movie. Dinner beckons. Tonight we head to the hawker food court at Bugis Junction for the the western stall where we had steak and ribs the other day. TW has the cheaper steak option today with chips and calamari rings. I had the meal with the same steak, pork belly, onion rings, calamari rings and chips. His meal consisted of most of my meal in addition to his. The ribs were a better choice. I liked the sauce on those and the ribs themselves better than the pork belly. The steak just wasn’t to my taste so I won’t get it there again.

Gardens by the Bay Supertree Grove

After dinner we decided to walk over to Gardens by the Bay, we got to Suntec City and thought better of that. We got the MRT from Suntec. I read the program online wrong. The Christmas Wonderland tickets ended so I thought it was a new show but it turns out it was the same show and tickets were not required. I like that. You can pay and go or you can wait and go for free. Good to know. The market stalls were not open but they were still in place. We also learnt that it gets extremely crowded. Tickets might be worth the few dollar investment.

Gardens by the Bay Christmas mirror maze

Now that it is free we enter the wonderland area at the Supertree Grove and check out the mirror maze. Not so much of a mirror maze in my mind as it is a confusion causing set of mirrors. Confusing because the other night it was so extremely busy with people lined up around the block to get a look in. Maybe it feels more like a maze when there are too many people to move.

Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland

Gardens by the Bay is so pretty. The mirror maze will go soon, it is part of the Christmas Wonderland set up. I can’t help but wonder if something will be put in its place or if the view will get better ones it is taken down. The trees are pretty, the Christmas lights are pretty, it is all pretty.

Gardens by the Bay Christmas night time rhapsody

Tonight we watched the show from outside the grove. We get to see more trees this way. I like both. It is handy that we have seen the show before because I don’t need to feel like I am missing out by not being front and centre. We did that already.

Just one more video of the Christmas Rhapsody performance. Christmas time in Singapore is better than anyone could have told me.

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