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Singapore – Day 31

TW with Merlion

Iced Chocolate and Iced coffee

While at breakfast this morning we discuss plans for the day and unsure what to do I send a call out to friends who have holidays in Singapore as a destination (not a stop over). I mention we are thinking about going to Sentosa but we aren’t sure how to get there. We get some tips. Singapore is expensive. TW made me an iced chocolate because he once again makes an iced coffee. Today one of the staff got the ice for him when he asked if he could have some. The Asian breakfast area really has been my favourite and surprisingly noodles and bbq chicken buns go well with a chocolate mile.

Singapore noodles and bbq chicken buns

Friends tell us the zoo has a breakfast experience which they loved, we have probably missed that for the day. I guess it makes sense to go to the Zoo when we haven’t already eaten.

MRT map - Bugis to Little India to Harbourfront

I have looked at the MRT map and worked out how to get to Sentosa. We just have to go to Little India station and change to the purple line. HarbourFront station links to the shuttle, pedestrian bridge and cable car over to Sentosa Island, which is the last stop on the purple line. That is pretty easy.

Our room is refreshed while we are at breakfast. Just after we get back to the room, our mini bar angel arrives to top it up. The minibar is already so full. I am not sure if it is because we were in the room watching, we don’t mind if we don’t have it replenished but she filled it as much as she could and then stacked the extras beside the fridge. I have read about people being disappointed by the minibar. No complaints here. We are feeling the complimentary mini bar love.

TW at Little India station in the spot names for him

We muster up the energy to leave the safety of our room and head down to the MRT. Just as I had read, we swapped trains. At Little India TW found a spot named after him. It seemed the fitting spot to wait for the train.

The cable car to Sentosa from the foot bridge

We arrived at HarbourFront fairly quickly. The option most appealing to us was to simply walk over to Sentosa and not pay for the shuttle or cable car. They aren’t too pricey but we can walk so why not. The pedestrian bridge had some pleasant surprises. Covered with some moving walkways, skylights in the ceiling. There is a breeze and some market stalls. Walking takes a nice amount of time. Not too long but it isn’t a short walk, we have to cross a lot of water to get there. The breeze did help to keep it bearable. Any hotter and we would have made a terrible terrible choice.

Sentosa Island sign

Sentosa Island technically has an entry fee. The fee is $1 or $2 depending on how you arrive. The walk way used to require payment of $1 but today and until the end of December 2020 it is free. The turnstiles are still in place but you simply walk around them. You can also take the public bus 123 to get to Sentosa and you also do not need to pay the access fee for the island.

We step past that turnstile threshold and are greeted by the biggest bug. A crazy big bug. It keeps flying in my face and chasing me. Buggy McBugster isn’t really chasing me but it feels like it. I tried to take a photo but it was moving to the back of the flowers and flying around a little too much. TW told me to take a video instead so I did. He might look small but the green leaves are bigger than my head and the flowers are palm size. When he is flying in your face, he is big and scary.

Triston pulling a man from man hole

Trick Eye museum is one of the first attractions we see when we actually enter the resort area. TW helps the bronze man out of the man hole. He pulled a little hard and the guy actually moved. There were a lot of onlookers laughing. I am not sure what it is about TW’s photo posing style that is so entertaining but he often draws a crowd and laughter.

We did not spend a cent on Sentosa Island. It wasn’t our plan, it just happened that way. There was so much to look at. We found a glass flower art display on the way to the beach. I really enjoyed walking through these flowers – no big bugs hanging out waiting to scare me or fly in my face.

Unicorns on Sentosa

Next we walked through a light installation, the lights weren’t on but there were some cool things to see down that path.

This path brought us to a water park. We aren’t staying on Sentosa so we think we can’t go in, we didn’t bother to ask and we didn’t have our swimmers with us. It didn’t look like we were allowed to pay to enter and we just assumed we needed some kind of ticket. It is a pirate themed water park which explains all of the pirate themed memorabilia we walked past getting here. (Looking it up online later we found out you can actually go in for free and it is aimed at kids 3-10 years old).

Palawan Pirate Ship Water park

Finally we made it to the beach. TW said it is a bit far away from us. Still it is nice to know there is a beach. There are a few beaches on Sentosa, we just went to the one that we happened to be walking past.

Sentosa beach

To get back up from the beach we take the Merlion walk. There is a grove of orchards and photo/selfie spots.

The orchid is real but the flowers on the heart is not. There is more than one spot with the big heart along the walk. Even though the flowers aren’t real I still like it. Creating little havens for people to retreat to. Chairs and benches are dotted around these little retreat spots.

As we get to the Merlion we see the river walk thing. It is so cute. All different fountains. There are different animals hidden, frogs, sting rays, sea horses. I think it is cute anyway, I am not sure how much attention TW paid to it.

fairy in the forrest

Beside the big Merlion was a cute spot with a Fairy, there was a bridge behind it which just set the scene even more. As we continue to walk back in to the main part of the resort world there is a bird stand. Macaws I think. They have a bird encounter down near the Palawan Beach area we just came from but these were on stands in the public area. For photos I think. We were hungry and didn’t really look in to it too much.

Britto Merlion

A big Merlion, bigger than the original. A small Britto Merlion but now we need to go see the real Merlion.

No, I mean original not a person in a mascot suit lol. Off we go to find it. We were hungry but the food on Sentosa was too pricey for us today. We start making our way over. Starting with the 123 bus. The benefit of bus 123 is it leaves from right near the Merlion so we don’t need to walk back over the river. The plan is to get the bus to Tanjong Pagar interchange and get some lunch there. Good news is that this is also the right station for getting to the Merlion Park.

my lunch chicken nuggets and chips

Lunch was a slight ordeal. We only had $10 cash and the food court we chose to eat at was cash only. TW went to get money out and I found a table. He was gone for such a long time I was worried but I didn’t know how to find him. Eventually he returned, grumpy. The ATM’s wouldn’t accept his card so he couldn’t get money out.

TW pasta lunch

It turns out that $10 was enough for both of us for lunch. I got chicken nuggets and chips and TW got a pasta. $9. No need to have wasted all that time looking for an atm.

One fullerton and Marina Bay Sands

Nothing is more exciting than spending the rest of the day with a grumpy TW. At least he is just grumpy and not hangry any more. We used card payment for a drink at McDonalds and then went down to One Fullerton and Merlion Park.

mini Merlion at Merlion park

TW is so excited that we have made it. He had no idea about the Merlion until he first saw the fake one at Sentosa this morning. I told him it wasn’t the real one, he said well it looks impressive and spent the rest of the day letting me know that. There are some very excited tourists sitting down taking many many photos with Merlion when I tell TW and they overhear that this is not the Merlion this is just a cute mini statue of it.

They jumped up and exclaimed “whaaaaa”. I told TW Merlion is out on the water and we just need to take a step to the side for him to see it past the tree that is in the way. I am pretty sure the girls got a photo with the real one as well.

Dominos pizza Singapore

We got a cab back to the hotel, it was a bit too hot to try walking. The cab was $8, well worth it. That was it for the day. TW wanted to watch a movie and we ended up watching 3. Some time after 9pm TW went to get pizza for dinner. He ordered online on his way to Pizza Hut, got in to a bit of an argument with them over the amount of time it would take to be made and cancelled the order. Set on Pizza he went to Dominos. They only had puff pastry bases.

Dominos pizza Singapore

That is it for today. Tomorrow is NYE.

Dominos pizza Singapore

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