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Singapore – Day 32

Andaz Singapore NYE buffet items seafood

Our first New Years Eve in Singapore. Have you ever had a year go by so fast? New Years Eve. Is here. Already?! What?? Today is Monday which happens to be just a normal work day. I am confused. Why is the year already over. It feels like the weekend but it isn’t. Today is Monday. It is New Years Eve. Dinner booked. This is happening. Fireworks are set to be an hour long extravaganza. Tonight. TW has work although it is a half day and he has heard that no one else is going in tot he office so he is working from home.

Alley 25 Breakfast

Today starts with breakfast, work and a relax. More work than a relax. The pool deck is our refuge while the room is cleaned. I needed computer help so TW was working on two laptops. He only had to work a half day. Lucky boy. No office shut down, he was hoping for a shut down. Only the public holidays off. Tomorrow is a public holiday here just the same as home. The day continues lunch and some tv. The weather isn’t ideal. A bit rainy, not big tropical storms. Just rolling showers.

Andaz Singapore pool deck sitting area

We get a message informing us the ceiling at our flat back home has a leak. Not ideal. It is between the levels, so the cost might be ours. We have insurance. The issue is getting someone in.

Ah, if only it waited a few days everyone would have been back to work. Possibly one of the showers is causing it but that part of the ceiling also has the sprinkler system in it. We just have to wait and see what the issue is. Our tenants are updating us.

That is it, until dinner. Dinner. What can I say about dinner. The photos can tell you a better story.

We had Singapore chilli crab for the first time. There were lobsters, oysters, prawns, tuna tartare and multiple hot seafood dishes as well. Many Asian dishes, which were in pots with lids so I didn’t take photos of those. So much food. So much more food than we had at Christmas Eve and we thought that was a good feed.

Pumpkin risotto in parmesan andaz singapore buffet

If you know me, you know I love cheese. If you don’t know me – I love cheese. Maybe I missed it on Christmas eve or maybe it wasn’t there. I didn’t spend much time in this room on either night. I just want to point out that the pumpkin risotto is in a giant wheel of parmesan. A Giant wheel of parmesan cheese. I did get some risotto for the parmesan and novelty, risotto is just not something enjoy. Admittedly, I thought it was mashed pumpkin and I was pretty excited by that, alas it is just risotto.

Andaz Singapore NYE buffet items

Our food choices were much the same, meat. Lamb chops today. They were super tender, very tasty indeed.

Dinner complete, now is the time to hang and wait for the fireworks. You know what that means? Mmmm mmm mmm mmm it’s nap time!

We are finished dinner in time to watch the Sydney fireworks on TV. TW set his alarm for 10:43 and we nap. Waking up was a little difficult but we managed to get to the pool deck just before 11pm. Singapore is having an hour long firework spectacular. From 11pm through to midnight. Like any good New Years show it did go past midnight. 3 minutes after, in fact.

Every 6 minutes or so they had a big finish that ran for a few minutes. Tonight we are up on the pool deck of the hotel, it is down for us as our room is above the lobby but from street level it is up. Andaz is a decent number of blocks away from Marina Bay (not the Marina Bay Sands hotel, Marina Bay the area and bay) where the spectacular was staged. As a result we couldn’t actually see the whole show. The show went for over an hour, it really literally was an hour long spectacular. Andaz was a great a no mess, no fuss option. The sky is full of fireworks, the likes of which we haven’t seen before.

Having the fireworks reflect in the pool was pretty awesome. Maybe next year we should head down to Marina Bay so we can see the full show and also see it over water. This was the first year for the company doing the pyrotechnics so I am not sure a show like this will be on again. Or will it just get better from here?

The big finale was a great way to end the evening.

I am getting excited for Chinese New Year now although we have not decided if we will be here or if we will go away. The public holidays are a Tuesday and Wednesday so we would also need to check if the Monday is a day TW could have off. And then, if we could go away, would we go home and get our cat and more of our stuff or would we go on a holiday. Can cat wait until early February without seeing us. More to the point, can we go that long without seeing her. TW has taken to walking around pretending to hold her cuddle on his shoulder and give her pats.

A pause for the losses of the year.

Welcome 2019, you will be a very different year from 2018.

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