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Singapore – Day 33

Dinner at Bugis Junction dumpling soup

Oh what a night, fireworks from 11pm until after midnight. That is one hell of a way to start the new year. All we had to do was sit by the pool at 11pm and watch from the hotel. No effort required. Thank you Andaz and Singapore for getting the year off to a great start.

Andaz Pool deck Singapore view to the flyer and Marina Bay

New Years Day has arrived and it is our last full day at the Andaz. Breakfast is slightly sombre as we know we will only have one more here.

33 nights we have already slept here. Today is the start of our 33rd day. Tomorrow, on the 34th day, we move out of the Andaz, our hotel home in Singapore. The safe haven we have come to love. No photos of breakfast on a day like today.

Handover of the apartment (getting the keys) is booked in for 9:30am. TW is working tomorrow so it looks to be a lot of walking back and forth for me. Moving all the suitcases from the hotel to the unit.

We make the most of breakfast. It is the expanded version again today. Extra omelette and juice stations, boiled eggs at the ready. Just a few additional foods to make the experience better and easier for all.

We went to Spotlight to check out some curtains. The new place has blinds already but TW is after block out curtains. After the trek over we realise that we don’t actually know how wide we would need the curtains to be so decide to wait another day, or two. Spotlight is like open until 10pm, most stores seem to be open until 9 or 10pm most days.

The shopping centre had an Auntie Anne’s. We saw it on the way in, it is at the MRT entrance to the shopping centre. On the way out we considered getting one but neither of us really felt like one right then and there. Making a note of where it is for sure though, for any time we feel like a pretzel.

Aunty Annes pretzels

Back to Bugis for lunch. Actually we don’t really end up getting lunch. TW buys a baguette and we head home to watch some movies. It is almost like we have never had cable tv before. Well, we haven’t. TW is making the most of it while he can. Even though our apartment comes with cable, we don’t know if it is a good service or works properly or has the movie channels. Also, we still have our own Netflix account so it’s not like we can’t ever watch movies. For right now though, with our last day looming ahead, we decide to just chill at the hotel and enjoy it.

We still haven’t been swimming in the pool. We really need to get that sorted. It would have been a good idea to go before the hotel got busy if we were trying to avoid the crowds. Now we are going to have to go before breakfast in the morning, I think.

Dinner at Bugis Junction meat and rice

Dinner was rice, meat and dumpling soup. Somehow our $8.5 meal cost 12. I think we got an upgrade somewhere along the line. It was ok, the soup was really hot and the dumplings were prawn and pork. The rice however had been served up too early so, mine at least, had cooled to almost warm and the meat was just warm. I had the crispy roast pork with amazing crackling and TW had the honey pork – no crackling for him.

Dinner at Bugis Junction dumpling soup

Back to watch some more movies. Too many movies today, probably. A day we kind of wasted but it is the last day of our ‘holiday’ in the Andaz. Tomorrow we move so it doesn’t feel that much of a waste.

If you want to start from the beginning you can do that here.

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