Moving to Singapore
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Singapore – Day 34

Andaz Singapore pool

Moving day, the day when life changes from being in a 5 star hotel and getting confused between holiday and normal every day life.

Final breakfast MT Andaz Singapore

I wasn’t feeling breakfast today so I had 3 siu mai and sat and started while TW mulled over what he wanted. Staring in to space while he ate it, also. Eventually I decided that 3 little things were not enough and I went to get more food but I just for 4 more. They were tasty.

Final breakfast TW Andaz Singapore.jpg

We did not go out in a blaze of glory. TW had his iced coffee, fried eggs and toast. He thought about a second plate but we had to get ready to move and I dunno, we just didn’t feel like celebrating leaving a very comfortable home. On our way out, a host asked if today was our last and we sadly confirmed. Check out day was indeed upon us.

1 Liang Seah street our new home
Front door and shoe rack

With our bags packed as much as possible we were eager to get this move started. I think it will take three trips and TW thinks it’ll be four before we get all the stuff from the hotel to our flat. We got here in one trip but we are walking it over and two bags each at a time. We only have five roller bags with us but we brought two duffle bags as well so it would take two trips minimum.

1 Liang Seah street our new home
Our new flats kitchenette

We leave about 9:15 so that we can arrive right on 9:30 – our agreed handover time. A bit of a kerfuffle with the bags because I decided to bring the drone on this trip. Two bags and a drone. I did not handle it well but we arrived right on 9:30am so I didn’t really slow us down.

1 Liang Seah street our new home
Lounge room

This is the first time we have seen the unit without a mass of personal effects in it. The couch had a stain in it, we knew that from last week. Stain removal was attempted but it didn’t work so we are allowed to have it replaced. It is a bit stinky and neither of us know if it is from the stain removal attempt or the original stains.

1 Liang Seah street our new home
Main bathroom

The main bathroom is large and also the laundry. We have a washer dryer but I hate washer dryers. The dry cycle just takes for ever. We might get a dryer or drying racks.

1 Liang Seah street our new home

Bedroom, it is huge. We have a desk and couch and king size bed and a little nook for getting ready. The ensuite bathroom is smaller than the main but both are in the same general style.

1 Liang Seah street our new home
Still the bedroom
1 Liang Seah street our new home
The nook to get ready, still bedroom

Neither of us are huge fans of the bathrooms but the water pressure is pretty great. Old school bathroom.

1 Liang Seah street our new home
1 Liang Seah street our new home

Hand over complete. All the items check out. Some things need repair or to be replaced but it is noted and we just have to request it. There is packing to do and TW has to get to work so we empty three bags and take them back to the hotel.

Andaz Singapore pool

Pack those bags, walk them over, empty them out and return. One more trip. I win the bet, only we didn’t make a bet. The third trip will be the final trip. We pack everything remaining and unpack our swimmers. In to the pool. For the first time during our stay, on the 34th day, we swam in the hotel pool.

Andaz Singapore pool

By the time we are all sorted and TW is ready for work it is about time for lunch, an early lunch but still. I walk over to Suntec with him and we have lunch before he starts.

Western lunch at Suntec

Chicken and rice for TW and chicken, chips, backed beans, coleslaw and a bun for me. We swapped. One was a ‘western’ option, the one with chips I think. The chicken and rice dish had a really yummy spicy satay sauce.

Western lunch at Suntec

TW was at work so it was my job to put everything away. We don’t have a linen closet, no problem, I used the towel rack. Moved it in to the bathroom and look it works fine, for now. I put our sheets on to wash. We packed on set of sheets. The washing machine said 4.5 hours but it took over 5.5 hours to wash and dry them. Finishing just in time to make the bed and go to sleep but yes, we packed towels and one set of sheets. We needed padding for the delicate things.

Towel rack

TW worked until about 7pm and he was tired and cranky after the big exciting work day and working late. He brought dinner home with him, which was nice. Our first meal in our new flat. TW has never rented a flat before. A very expensive/stressful experience. I have only rented one flat. TW either lived at home or with his brother and I had already rented a flat when he moved in with me and then we bought an apartment. He has never rented an apartment or been involved in the process. I rented the one flat and lived in share places or with family before that. Leases, argh, but we are in and mostly unpacked.

Noodles in Bugis

So, we brought our good kitchen knives, steak knives and cheese knives with us. The nespresso and French press for TW’s coffee. Soda stream and bottles, and sorry BN but we brought the decanter and glasses as well (you were moving too and it just seemed to hard to have you mind them). What we didn’t bring was anything of any use for right now. Luckily the noodle place gives you the bowl and cutlery to eat in. It is take out, they tend to supply that but we are starting to realise we do not have anything we need in the house for eating at home.

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  2. Robyn and John Williams says

    Your flat looks very comfortable we can see that the two of you will make it feel like home best of luck with everything xxMum and Dad (Williams)

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