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Singapore – Day 35

The Manhattan fish market suntec

First full day in our new flat. So, today isn’t super exciting. TW went to work, I didn’t have breakfast, he did. At the office.

We met at Suntec for lunch, it is only half the distance now after all. After a bit of uncertainty we opted for The Manhattan Fish Market. They had a lunch special. Chips, fish and chicken wings. They didn’t tell us we got coleslaw, tartare sauce and a cajun dipping sauce for the wings. So much food, condiments and sides. Nom nom.

The Manhattan fish market suntec

I cleaned the house and organised some things, worked out what items we might need to buy – it isn’t everything. I brought my pillows, we have the towels and one set of sheets. Coffee makers, clothes, knives but no cutlery. Well actually we also have cake and salad servers and a metal straw. Just one of the metal straws though we have two cleaners for it. I guess when we had to cut the weight down some random things made it while the rest of the sets didn’t.

Our first home cooked meal

For dinner, we got a honey bbq chicken from cold storage, a baguette and marked down cheese. Our first home cooked meal.

Our first home cooked meal

We do have our bread knife (oddly I used a steak knife to cut the cheese given there are 4 cheese knifes in the drawer. Hmm). So why not have bread. We don’t have plates, which we forgot until we returned and we don’t have forks. A bread roll is easy to eat with hands. I did use the salad servers to get the roll back out of the oven and we learned how to use the mini oven/toaster oven while “cooking” this meal because I decided to melt the cheese.

Our first home cooked meal

That is is, the whole day. When you are just at work or doing house work, interesting things tend not to happen. This is our life now. We live here. So, moving to another country really isn’t as much effort or stress as it seems like it would be. It was almost easier than moving house in Sydney.

Air conditioners work. And look mum, your gift made it too. It is about as heavy as we would want a blanket here, unless we want a crazy electric bill from going crazy with the air conditioner.

Made the bed

I guess I forgot to mention all the whinging TW did today about the flat not being as good as the Andaz. Well, this is the only time we have ever lived together and had amazing air conditioners. It is the biggest space, yeah it is old but we usually live old school, so based on space and air con this is luxury compared to our past flats. I just need to remind him to look at everything we have and keep his focus off everything the Andaz had that we don’t know – like a free buffet breakfast and magically refilling mini bar.

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MT is an avid traveller, travel agent and lover of (almost) all food. TW is a reluctant traveller, digital marketing guy and fussy eater.


  1. Diane Harvey says

    You can make your own buffet breakfast!!!
    Have been thinking about Lola. Why don’t you let Robyn and John take care of her as she would be the only pet. Getting her back into Australia will entail a long quarantine and you may decide to move to another country after Singapore! Who is going to look after her if you want to go away for a weekend or a week??

    • We could make our own buffet but we only have a decanter and 6 crystal glasses, 5 steak knives, our chef knife set and now an oven mitt. So we need to buy everything else for a house – forks and spoons, plates, bowls, pots, pans, chopping boards etc before we can have a meal. We are sorting that out today, hopefully 🙂

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