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Singapore – Day 4

Today is Monday so the first day in the office for TW. How should that start? Gym then breakfast. A little bit of stress then off to work.

I have the unit viewing in the afternoon and not a lot else going on so generally I faff about for half the day. I decided to Skype call my Mum to show her the view from the roof top (and by Skype I mean Facebook messenger video call) but when I got up there it was pouring with rain. Rather than just call I found something else to do.

Time has a way of escaping you when you have plans. It was 2pm before I knew it. The rain had made the agent run late but she let me know in advance and I left a little later. The unit was a 2 minute walk from the hotel and on the same street that we had dinner on Friday night. Very close to work for TW and given that I liked this area the best so far, we know it is in a spot I would be happy with. It is another shop house apartment. I love their windows.

The apartment is being painted while I look. The tenant has just moved out and it is being repaired and repainted. A new induction cook top should make TW happy. They also bought a new washing machine. Even though it is being painted, I really like it. TW was at work so didn’t get to see it but he thinks the loft makes it just a studio so he won’t like it and the bathrooms aren’t great – he would need to sit down to shower or never wash above his shoulders.

Talk turns to our cat. While Lolypols is not in Singapore with us, she could be if our apartment is appropriate and pets are allowed. The terms are that when a pet leaves the tenant pays for fumigation of the apartment but pets are allowed, well, except big dogs they don’t allow those. I say our cat is a cat and not a big dog, so we all agree she will be ok to stay if we decide to bring her over. 

After work I show TW the building, he can’t see the apartment but he has to pass the building to get home so I may as well show him. We stop in to the supermarket and buy some marked down cheese that I saw on my way to the unit viewing – it was still there but they did have 7  of the same marked down so I guessed there would be some left – and we had that for dinner along with some of the minibar snacks. It was a pretty decent dinner, I guess we both had a filling lunch and just needed a bit of a snack. Still feels like we are on holidays though and I am not sure dinners like this help.

Our building is part office, some retail outlets at the bottom, part of it is our Andaz hotel and part residence. The building is called the Duo. The office building entrance has their Christmas tree up, the hotel doesn’t yet. I am not sure if they will put it up in the lobby or the entrance level (where the car’s can drop you is level 2 but the lobby of the hotel is on level 25) or if they will put one up at all. This blue tree is on level 2 which I guess means the hotel doesn’t need to put one up but you have to walk a long way to see this one so they could and it wouldn’t be out of place.

We go for an evening walk around the neighbourhood. This building, which is kind of a twin set of buildings joined at the lower levels, has some very odd shapes. So many sides and angles, some parts are straight and some are curved. It is a very interesting looking building though.

For day 3 of Christmas our elf on a shelf giraffe was hiding behind the curtain and blind. Our little sheep from The Goring Hotel in London was messing about with the TV. I am not sure if he wanted to watch Christmas movies or was quickly turning it off but I noticed sheepy had moved again after the cleaners had been in.

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