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Singapore – Day 5

Today, for the first time since arriving, our days start differently. TW is too rushed at the gym so I tell him to go by himself, I will go after breakfast.
TW goes to the gym, showers, we go to breakfast then he gets ready and goes to work. I go to the gym after breakfast and then travel to a suburb we have been told we wouldn’t want to live in, to see what I think and if it is worthwhile to view an apartment there. It really isn’t bad at all, actually it is pretty nice. The areas we went to on Sunday were far less appealing. I tell our agent it is fine and we would be happy to have a look at the apartment she has there. She books that in for us but we can’t get in today.

we do actually go to the gym

So I don’t really do anything today other than go see that suburb. My lunch is some of the snack foods in the hotel room. TW has Pad Thai for lunch and then tells me how Singapore noodles are not a thing in Singapore. I told him he just needs to get noodles with the flavour he likes or recognises as Singapore noodles which would be dry noodles with a curry powder or maybe satay powder with a little chilli. Depending on what he thinks they are meant to taste like and the thin noodles. They are here, they are just called noodles. Order what your taste buds desire, it will be made for you. He is pretty satisfied with that and is just trying to think what tastes make the perfect Singapore noodle to him.

Nothing much happens until TW finishes work. Actually the whole day is pretty non-eventful but today to get dinner we head to the pretty street on the side of the hotel opposite to Bugi Junction.

Dinner is loaded chicken hot dogs ans chips. We were both pretty hungry so the hot dogs were almost gone by the time I remembered to take a photo.The one on the left has satay chicken on it and the right is beef randang. Both were good but the satay chicken one was amazing. We both really enjoyed it. They arrived cut in half sp we swapped half each but I had been given the satay one and wished I kept it all. Nom nom nom.The buildings are all pretty colours and some are filled with graffiti art.It was a good choice for dinner but that is the end of our day really.We headed back to the hotel were I was asleep before 8pm and work up again about 10pm. TW had been watching Jurassic World. He went to sleep when it was finished.
Today our elf on a shelf got up to some trouble. The cutest thing is that the hotel staff cleaned them up before I returned so they wouldn’t get in trouble.Who knew my little elf on a shelf giraffe had the hotel acting as wingmen/wingwomen.

The 4th day of Christmas was pretty good even if it wasn’t anything to write home about, I still did.

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