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Singapore – Day 6

Back to our usual, gym then breakfast, only today it was a little later than usual. It was ok though because rather than having to get to the office TW (and I) had an appointment at the employment pass office to get our Visa more properly sorted. Mine is just a LTVP – so I have no working rights – TW has the right to work.

There is still a few more steps in the process, I don’t think we need to do anything more but we don’t have the actual fully official document yet. It needs to arrive before Jan 2 otherwise … I am not sure what happens but the stamp on the paperwork says we are ok to be here until Jan 2 without it. This stamp on the application forms allows us to get a bank account.

This is the view from the lift at the visa office (Employment pass) inside the office has a better view but we weren’t there long enough for me to take a photo.

We get to the office early, we get seen early so we quickly go and see a couple of apartments for rent before TW has to be at work. One is in Geylang, which if we ever ask anywhere where to avoid – this is the suburb they say. I checked out the neighbourhood yesterday and thought it was ok, I think it would be unfair to say every street in a suburb is bad, this might just boarder the bad suburb more than be the bad suburb. Anyway, we go and check out the unit there. It is actually quite impressive. Which is a shame because the next one to see is the one walking distance to the office, the loft that I like.

Our hotel from the rooftop garden of the apartment we are looking at. Moving would be easy.

The bathrooms in this Geylang apartment are both very nice, it has two full bathrooms (bathtub, shower, toilet and sink) and two bedrooms. It is a shop house style so there are vaulted high ceilings and one of the bedrooms is like a loft bedroom but it has the walls built so there is separation of space. The biggest concern TW has is separation of space with the loft one that I like, and he has not yet seen, because it doesn’t matter what room you are in if one of us is doing something you can’t escape it. I generally don’t think it would be an issue but then I remember when he plays xbox the noise from it often annoys me so maybe he has a point. This apartment has lovely facilities – a pool, indoor and outdoor gym, bbq area, sitting area, fountains and water features all over and during the week they even provide the breakfast for you. The single biggest downside is they have a strict no pet policy. The company representative said – strictly no pets, unless it is a gold fish or hamster. Could cat pass as a big hamster? Probably not. I could see myself living in this apartment with cat, I am not sure I could see it without her. 

The argument of why the apartment won’t actually work for us 🙁

We get a Singaporean Uber – Uber came, Singapore learned all it could about Uber and then banned them, Uber left and Singapore created it’s own version – with the agent over to the loft apartment. It is still being painted. I can’t catch a break. TW is saying, yeah ok it is close to work but the bathrooms are really bad. I don’t think it could work for me. The price is high, the location is ok but the unit is basically one big room and two not great bathrooms and there is no pool. There is a gym and a rooftop garden but no pool, nothing modern and two bathrooms that would function but they aren’t impressive. I get it. I just at the same apartment viewing as him and this one isn’t that impressive now, compared to the other as they are both shophouse style. Cue sadness, one of those montages where the music suddenly turns to “hello darkness my old friend” the footage fades to black and white and slowly zooms in – or out – depending on which is more dramatic. 

Protected houses, not everything is a high rise in Singapore.

From here we go to the bank. After a 15 minute “discussion” with the person who lets you take a ticket to join a line TW gets a ticket and is told the wait time is a minimum of 2.5 hours. Minimum. Go eat he tells us. We go and eat but eating doesn’t take 2.5 hours, or even half an hour. It is a quick affair. TW says he just can’t wait that long so we walk back and ask did he really say 2.5 hours. Checking again, yes minimum 2.5 maybe even 3.5 hours. There are 4 people in front of us for opening a bank account but there are other lines and only a small number of staff working today so TW keeps his number but decides the wait isn’t worth it and goes to work. I head back to the hotel.

I don’t know why but I feel like I can’t breathe properly when I get back to the room. I lay down and I can’t get my head in to a position where enough air is getting in. I sit up, still not great. I lay on my right side, then my left. On my left side I can hear and feel a funny noise in my chest. I can hear it so I wonder if the noise is actually my ear and one of the tubes or valves there is clogged. I have no pain though. Last time I had a tube dysfunction in my ear it was the most excruciating pain (though mostly when there were pressure changes – driving up a hill side etc) and a numbness down the side of my face and in to my jaw. This time, no pain, but a very weird noise that now I am confused if I can hear and feel it in my chest or ear and my throat feels like it is closed in a little. Think of your flat open hand on your neck with slight pressure, you can still breathe but it is uncomfortable your not going to suffocate but you feel you aren’t getting as much air as you should. Only I do choke, for air, regularly. 

I did go to the lobby to rehydrate, thinking maybe this was part of a dehydration sickness.

By this time TW actually got a call back to go get his account set up so he went. He told me for a joint account I have to go too. I can’t get there. I tell him I don’t think I can breathe properly so I can’t get back over there in a hurry. We have a bank account in Singapore now, by we, I mean he and not we or I. 

Tonight he has a work volunteer thing followed by a BBQ. My airway feels like it might be slowly closing. I talk with a friend on FB messenger what might be the cause, she said it sounds similar to when she had tonsil issues, it can feel like your throat is closing. So I had a look. They look ok to me, maybe not great but not infected. No white. No swelling that I can see, not even really red. I am deciding, should I hope that I can wait it out and see a Dr tomorrow or should I go to hospital tonight. I wonder at what point this feeling will mean my throat is closed. I decide to wait until it feels almost critical, just before, to go to the hospital as I don’t want to take up time in the emergency department if I can make it through to just see a GP.

No chance of me swimming today but the pool looked good.

TW asks if I need anything, I ask for antihistamine. He doesn’t bring it when he gets home, hours after asking me, so then he takes an hour to go and buy some. He buys food and oafs around before returning with hay fever tablets, eventually. 

I hope that whatever is causing this feeling, that these tablets will help me breathe through the night because I don’t really feel like going to hospital – even though there is one right next to the hotel. I just don’t want to be that unwell.

Today our elf on a shelf tried to lead everyone to safety, thinking they would be in trouble for their shenanigans.

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  1. John Williams says

    Gosh Michelle we hope that you are feeling better sounds like you are really uncomfortable you should see a Dr asap hope all goes well xx Robyn and John

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