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Singapore – Day 7

We didn’t start with the gym today. It was a quick breakfast – very yummy, I had laksa and the two curries on offer with roti. Hmm, maybe breakfast wasn’t that quick – and then over to the dr.

Very quick service, no clear diagnosis. She did hear wheezing in my breathe and thought I would feel a tightness in my chest with that, I said no more than usual I don’t think but her face made me think ok maybe I did have tightness. It fees far more like my throat preventing me breathing than my lungs. I could have a cold or food virus because there are a lot at the moment and I wouldn’t not have immunity to it. She expected me to have pain somewhere but wherever she pushed, I felt fine so I think that rules out some more serious things. Not only not pain, not any pain in the slightest. I could feel her push, slight pressure. No pain.

Dr – do you have a temperature or fever.
Me – no, I don’t think so. I mean, I am hot but Singapore is hot so I think it’s hot not me that’s hot.
Dr – Singapore is hot.
Dr *takes temperature*
Dr – 36.5, no fever. 

My medicines all lined up in a row

Bad news was that I might be allergic to the air (allergy season) except that I have no runny nose and no sneezing and my coughing is due to choking for breathe so not the typical hay fever but I am no Dr so it could be that.

My struggles to feel like I am getting enough air in each breath did not go unnoticed though. I am prescribed a puffer (ventolin), a throat spray, a night time tablet, a water soluble once a day tablet to dissolve the mucus in my throat and a nasal spray to stop the post nasal drip which is just adding to the problem. Which need to be taken with the telfast we said we had, only it is Zyrtec that TW bought me last night, so probably need to update that. The Dr said it could be just the phlegm and mucus leaving me gasping for air as it was bountiful and thick and it could also be reflux which feels like it is from the throat/nose area but actually coming from the chest.

For the full fee at the Dr and my 5 medications the cost is about $110. It isn’t too bad a price considering the cost to see a Dr in Australia as a full fee.

Not much happens for the rest of the day, much like yesterday after lunch. You know the feeling when you have a chest infection? Getting enough oxygen is a full time job for your body so you have no energy to do anything else? I am still getting over that. Maybe I do have asthma, though I just had my lungs X-rayed before we left (as part of a full medical to get an assessment of health before moving) and they were fine.

Once TW finish work we go to look at apartments that are in the building attached to the hotel. Someone he works with lives in the building and they really like it. Moving would be easy. Just walk our stuff over. The units are small and expensive and not very impressive so I am not too interested. Plus I am sick and hot and not in the mood any more. TW wants to like them but he doesn’t really like them so he is still trying to think of ways to like them. They are very small.

Lots of pepperoni

TW buys dinner after. Pizza. Half pepperoni, half Hawaiian. It wasn’t too bad.

Apart from coughing and spluttering that is it for me for the day, TW watches TV until he is ready to go to sleep. Although TW does make a joke that now Cat and I have the same thing, she needs a puffer and so do I. Though she gets a handy diffuser so all she needs to do is breathe normally while that is on. I have to try and do a long slow breath in while pushing down on the button and that is expecting a lot because I can’t long breath anything.

Can’t mention cat without a photo. Naw she was practicing for the trip. Travel pillow done wrong but so cute.

My little elves encouraged me to rest on the 6th day of Christmas. Who could say no to these little sweeties.

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MT is an avid traveller, travel agent and lover of (almost) all food. TW is a reluctant traveller, digital marketing guy and fussy eater.


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  2. Bethany says

    Hope you are feeling better Michelle!
    Looks like you may need to go to the gym this morning after all that amazing food 😋 🥘

  3. John Williams says

    Glad that u went to see the Dr. hope that u will overcome this bout of illness try to take it easy if u can sounds like the humidity and air quality is playing havoc with your health all the best Robyn n John

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