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Singapore – Day 8

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday, remember when I was saying there was a weird noise in my chest or ear and I wasn’t sure if I could hear it or if I was feeling it and hearing it because it was a noise inside my body? Well just before I went to sleep I was in the spot where I could hear it again and I had TW put his ear to my chest and he could hear it also. It definitely isn’t a sound from inside my ear. Ok. That is sorted. I ask him if is sounds like wheezing because when the Dr said that I felt it was a good description but also not at all what it felt like, though most likely correct. He said maybe, well, he wasn’t sure. What it did sound like was – imagine I had been shot in the lung, and that wound filled up with blood and then there was a bit of air trying to push through that bloody wound hole. That’s more what it sounded like. Yeah, great, thanks. Nothing stressful about that picture at all. Here I am thinking my description of a syringe with a worn band and the air leaking out while you push it was bad enough but a bloody bullet wound with air desperately escaping, nothing like that to send you happily off to sleep.

Level 26 of the Andaz

Today, the second day in a row of no morning gym. We did go for breakfast. I had an omelette and some little jars of healthy things. Bed for me after. I don’t have the energy for today.

My – probably not allowed it – Laksa

TW went to work but about lunch time he returned as he needed something he left in the room. He brought me lunch and then realised that he had ordered me a laksa and one of the things the Dr had asked was if I was having chilli (implying that I could be allergic to chilli) a lot more. It isn’t really a huge amount more than I would usually have and I have definitely had most of the brands of chilli and chilli oil and flavours that are available here but it could be the fish sauce, stock, chilli, anything. We had decided I would eat the more boring foods just to be safe. But here I am having laksa for lunch.

TW’s stinky mushroom noodles that I may have been allowed to eat but didn’t

I try not to cough myself to death and eventually I decide to leave the room, so that it can be cleaned. You would be surprised how quickly a hotel rooms gets dirty when you don’t feel well. I also wanted the water replenished. I went down to the sauna that I had read about. Thinking it might help loosen some of the stuff in my throat and possibly lungs now. I should have waited until they knocked on my door to go down as they hadn’t actually gotten to my room by the time I was sick of the sauna. What a shame. I left the light on for the room to be made up and went back down when they came.

I just used the foot spa the second time. The struggle to get the drain to close and the bubbles to come through, gah, it kept draining on me. TW called and he was back at the hotel but the room was still being cleaned so he had a look at the level that these changing rooms with saunas were on and then we went back to our level and just sat by the lifts waiting. 

Tonight is TW’s work Christmas party and I am allowed to go, which is unusual. Most of the time, my work places allow partners but TW’s don’t. It was nice to be allowed to go but I am actually starting to feel really really ill so I don’t really want to go. I don’t want to make anyone else sick. I have the ticket though and it is too late to let someone else go who may have wanted to go so I better go. 

One of the many sweet tables

Fortunately, and the only reason I considered going is, the party is in the function room of our hotel. I stay an hour or just a little more. I get too hot, it is too noisey and the smell of the truffle food make me want to vomit. They had fries with truffle oil or scent on them which I didn’t know until I ate. Chips were good, smell was gross. 

Christmas pudding. I didn’t trey any though.

I tell TW I can’t stay any longer, on the way out the food hall has opened for business so he checks if I want real food not just the passed items. I don’t. He convinces me to try a cake. I cut the wrong cake. Oh well. It was ok. He gets himself some mushroom and truffle mac and cheese and something else. Oh God, the smell of it. He is trying to stand next to me and I am moving away because the smell. I say I will go to the room myself, he insists on walking me up. I tell him I need to go now, not when he is done, the smell is going to make me vomit.

TW lost his sense of smell but he might like the smell of truffle anyway. I can’t stand it. A great way to ruin any meal is to truffle it up. Not only that, mushrooms that are sweating down, also the worst smell. This mac and cheese had both. At least I can still smell. I might be about to get insanely sick but I can still smell.

He puts his not even half eaten plate down, walks me back to the room, leaves his jacket because it is pretty hot down there and then returns to the part. I have extreme coughing fits that leave me wondering if I actually have whooping cough as I have to gasp for air through the coughing. By the time TW gets back, I have learnt, fairly slow shallow breathing limits the coughing, I have far fewer coughing outbursts for the rest of the night.

On the 7th day of Christmas my little elves watched over me. Elf on a bedside more than a shelf today. Giraffe brought the cheer squad out to bring Christmas cheer and just encourage me to get better.

 Cheer Squad 🙂
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