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Singapore – Day 9

Today I am not up for breakfast, TW goes while I get ready for the Dr.

I have a fever this time 37.4. I don’t meet the markers for antibiotics though and I may have a viral infection rather than bacterial so the Dr debates if he should start me on antibiotics or not. He kindly lets me know, day 5 will be the worst and I am only at day 3 or maybe 4. So I won’t start to feel any better until Tuesday but then I should be ok. If my temp gets to 38.5 then we need more medical intervention but we agree to go without the antibiotics for now. I am allergic to penicillin anyway so antibiotics are a real last resort for me as I usually end up with some reaction to them .

What may have started more as a throat irritation is now an upper respiratory tract infection and combined with that, a lower respiratory tract infection which may become bronchitis before I get better as the infection moved down quite quickly so it may sink in to the bronchial tubes. Yay for me.

My new medications

Aside from a whole host of new medications I get a list of rules to now follow:
1. Don’t cough
2. Don’t talk – no yelling or karaoke at all
3. No cold drinks and nothing scolding hot either
4. No dry food, no spicy food, no fried food
5. No Air Conditioning
6. Keep my back and chest warm

Now as he was telling me the rules before he said number 5 he told me that was going to be the most difficult one for me. Little does he know. Oh silly Dr, I can turn the air-conditioning off in the room but you want me not to talk, hold my coughs in and avoid fried foods. Is he for serious. For reals? No fried food, no spicy food and no foods that are dry – the point is to avoid irritating my throat so that it doesn’t cause me to cough which will set of that bad cycle – but what else is there to eat if it isn’t dry, spicy or fried. OMG everything I eat has just been eliminated. Has anyone ever met me and thought I would be able to stay quiet? Not talk! Not yell, not do karaoke – sure I can do that but not talk!! The easiest part is the no air conditioning rule. 

My new medications plus the old ones that I still need to take

TW goes to Cold Storage (supermarket) to get some isotonic drinks as the headache I have is a dehydration one, not really relating to any of my actual illnesses. The Dr told me to just have a couple a day as sometimes water just isn’t enough to stay properly hydrated. When you are in humid weather like Singapore has but more so when you are in air con that never turns off, you need more fluids than the standard. I head to the hotel and TW arrives back with a bevy of gross but required sports drinks.

What a way to spend his weekend. He put Netflix on for me and then when I was asleep he went to do our laundry. He walked to a laundromat to do it. There are places closer and the hotel will do our laundry as well but we want to do just regular laundry and pay a per load price. We don’t need dry cleaning or special cleaning. Just normal laundry. 

What is a work Christmas party without the company colours and log on a candy buffet

We didn’t have a proper lunch. I was so full of tablets. I did have a banana because one set of my tablets need to be taken with food. TW had pringles, a can of coke and a can of pepsi from the mini bar. I did have some of the lollies we got from the Candy bar at the work party last night. Nom nom.

TW watched Wreck it Ralph and The Ranch while I was all drowsy because of the tablets. Then when I woke up he put on The Ranch for me to watch and then the flash. I told him I wasn’t really interested in watching the flash.

Looks like he ordered too much food

He went and got us some dinner from the pasta place in the shopping centre and then he picked what to watch next, he was a little but moody that I didn’t want to watch the next flash episode. You know what he picked? Frozen. Big summer blow out. His favourite part of the movie. 

My pasta and sauce came separately
TW’s was pre-sauced
Garlic Bread

More episodes of the Ranch and then sleep. My tablets really make me sleepy. 

On the 8th day of Christmas my elf on a shelf got for me, an attempt at sorting my tablets, lotions and positions in to an easy to understand order. 

Giraffe is still trying to work it out. I would lol except I actually have to take them all.

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  2. John Williams says

    Hi Michelle and Tris sorry Michelle is so sick we hope all is well soon Fond Regards Robyn and John Nanny sends her love xx

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