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Singapore F1 Friday

Singapore F1 has started. I can hear the cars from here.

Vroom vroom. I think it is practice then it moves to qualifiers.

It doesn’t last long. I guess they go around once or twice and then stop?

We don’t have tickets. It is kind of exciting to hear them though.

Singapore is a night race so this morning I went to have a look what roads and travel paths were blocked. We haven’t been to Gardens by the Bay in a while. I went with my friend down the hall the other day but Triston and I haven’t been in a really long time. I think we need to get the MRT, I feel there is no possible way to walk there from here because it would mean crossing the track.

A few days ago I saw police directing traffic. I was really confused until I realised that the race was this week. This morning on my walk, not much was happening but towards the end of my walk people started arriving. The security, ushers and ticket checkers were assembling at their posts. Ticket holders were slowly starting to head towards their respective entrances.

It was still very low volume as my walk finished around 11am but the event today was after 2:30pm so 11am is pretty early. It makes sense and today is the “least interesting” day. So, it makes sense for a slower start.

Triston can hear from his office as well. His office is closer to the action and higher up. If he goes to a different level within the office he can see the track but from his normal level and desk he can’t. He can hear it from both spots.

We found a vantage point and managed to watch the qualifiers and laps without a ticket but also a decent view with two corners. Not a bad spot for free..

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