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Singapore Phase TWO!

Today marked the start of phase two of the circuit breaker exit.

That means retail outlets could reopen and dine in is now available again.

And it seems it was the change everyone was waiting for.

Singapore was busy. Not Christmas time on Orchard road busy but there certainly didn’t seem to be a staggered approach to easing back in to life outside.

We went for a walk at 8pm to get Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Earlier Triston had been out to get dinner. He told me everything was open and people were everywhere.

It wasn’t Friday night busy, that is true, but it was Singapore standard day busy. I was shocked. Yes, we went out today as well so I can’t pass judgement on others. I was just shocked. We were going to wait and then I thought but everyone will wait so in a few weeks it will be busier so we should go now while everyone is still too afraid.

That could still be true, maybe in a few weeks it will be Christmas time busy.

We walked 3kms to Ben and Jerry’s and the 3km home again. With face masks on. They weren’t open for dine-in, just take away so we did have to eat it outside but a socially distanced outside.

When we arrived we were the only people that looked even interested or happy that the store was open but after we entered other people arrived to buy a take home pint (like the ones the supermarket sells).

Then, the after Triston paid, there was a slight overcharge issue so she had to refund and charge again. Confusing, I was outside, he signalled me over to get the ice cream. So just as he was finishing with that, new people arrived and from that point on it was actually quite busy with 3 or 4 sets of people in line. I think until close.

We went with Jimmy Fallon’s flavour and New York Super Fudge Chunk.

Decent evening out, it was 2.5 hour round trip. I miss Singapore. It was so nice to be out again. It would be better without a face mask but it is still lovely with one.

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