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Singapore settling in

grooming monkey in the cloud forest

Well, we have had a few days and a full weekend in our flat in Singapore, settling in nicely. We are still adjusting to the lack of buffet breakfast at home.

take away from liang seat street
soup in a bag

Our little street is closed to traffic every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7pm to midnight. I thought it was from 7pm Friday to midnight Sunday but it is just the evenings. The reason being, this is a dining district street. The restaurants cannot cope with the volume of people who want to dine over the weekend. I guess, somewhere along the way, someone decided it was a good idea to let them set tables up on the street. Yes, we have a huge amount of dining options, literally at our doorstep.

hot pot in a take away
after adding the soup to the hot pot dish

Surprisingly, it wasn’t noisey. You would think with all these people loitering around just below us and given the kitchens of the restaurants are just 2 levels below our windows, we might have a lot of noise. We didn’t. I think during the week it was louder because someone dropped a pot, or the building manager here suggested it was noise when they packed up their tables and chairs. It really sounded like a pot in my half sleepiness but packing up tables could also be a culprit. He would know, it isn’t something he was going to tell us before we moved in but no doubt he knows what the noises are.

Our air conditioners work amazingly well. The lounge room one is twice the size as the one in the bedroom, so it works far better. Given that the space they need to cool is about the same. The air conditioners were serviced before we moved in and will be every three months. Which is really good. We should never have an issue with them and if we do, there is a building manager right here to help out anyway. Singapore has already shown it is much easier to get repairs completed here than in a Sydney rental.

Speaking of which, after a few days we went through and made a list of things not quite right and sent it over. Within the hour, I had the building manager here to have a look over the items on the list and he returned an hour or so later with repair men. He first had to understand and then he came back to fix. A couple of things will take a little longer to be fixed. Nothing is a big problem, just little things that we as owners of rentals think and owner would want to know about and fix now rather than later.

Our trip to Ikea was off the back of that. The couch needs to be replaced so we went to look if there were any decent couches within the budget the owner is happy with (SGD600). We had decided if we found one we really liked and it was more, we would just buy it ourselves and possibly sell it when we moved or see if they would buy it from us. But there weren’t really any nice options at ikea. So that item will remain on the list.

While we did go to Ikea to look for a couch we also went to get a mattress topper. We have one for the spare bed in Sydney and it made a huge difference there. The bed here is ok but just ok. Not great for a long term stay so off we went, by bus, to Ikea to buy a mattress topper. What was our plan there?

Ikea was hectic but not a complete waste of time. We did get the mattress topper. Also, cups, plates, forks and spoons (we have knives) and pots and one frying pan. We also got some utensils, 2 mugs and a pillow for TW. Amongst the chaos we managed to find a very organised taxi queue with a marshall telling people to wait over there it their items were too large for a taxi sedan. They would need to wait for a different kind of car. I thought we would need to do the same.

What actually happened was, the people in front of us started loading the taxi and then he decided they had too much stuff so he made them take it all out and told us to get in instead. They had thought TW and I were two seperate people as he had one trolley with the mattress topper and I had another with the kitchen items. Surprisingly everything fit. TW had to sit on/around/under the mattress topper in the back seat. I was in the front. Household items in the boot. I am sure the people who were told to unpack this taxi had less stuff than us. Their items were not as wide as our mattress. I think they would have fit. We all did what we were told and it suit us.

That took basically our whole Saturday. Sunday we went to the wet markets at Little India, botanic gardens and gardens by the bay.

turtles at singapore botanic gardens

At the botanic gardens we saw ‘million turtle and one fish lake’. We didn’t stop to see the official name of the lake. The name just came to us because we saw what seemed like a million turtles and just the one big fish.

$2 masala dosa little india tikka centre wet markets
My dosa, TW ate his before I could get a photo

We had breakfast at the wet markets. The best $2 dosa I have ever had! I mean, it is one of the better dosas I have had and it was only $2. TW had a roti, a freshly made egg and cheese roti. His was $2.5 but he said it was really tasty and it was intact much better than he had expected.

Home for lunch, we just had some left overs. We only had left overs because the meal wasn’t that great in the first place but they were here and we have pots and pans now. So, we ate those for lunch.

Over to Gardens by the Bay for mid-late afternoon. We changed our gift cards over to be actual annual passes and headed in to the flower dome and then the cloud forest. We just sat and looked and enjoyed some of the little details better in the daylight.

monkey grooming in the cloud forest
monkey grooming in the cloud forest

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MT is an avid traveller, travel agent and lover of (almost) all food. TW is a reluctant traveller, digital marketing guy and fussy eater.


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  2. 6 years ago I did the same move with my husband. We moved here in Singapore from Italy, without a job and without knowing anyone. Today we’re still here and very proud of ourselves. πŸ˜‰

    • Oh nice! We have been here 6 weeks and I think I will struggle now to pay Australian prices for Asian food. It is so fantastic and cheap here. Everyone is telling us that making friends is hard here because everyone is an expat and will leave but I have found the locals and expats very nice. Did you find it difficult? We are going to go to a language school to learn Mandarin. I am not allowed to work yet but I think having some understanding of Mandarin will help when I can.

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