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Singapore Sling – at the Iconic Long Bar, Raffles Hotel

Long bar, raffles Singapore, Singapore Sling

After a day of walking. Well, about the 10-hour walking tour mark, and at the point that we missed the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest entry for the night we decided to go to Raffles. Yes, the hotel is closed for renovation, since December 2017. A massive project scheduled to take about 18 months but they gave themselves some leeway expecting it to take anywhere from 15-24 months. Either way, it is nearing completion now and they currently expect to reopen in August this year.

Long bar, raffles Singapore, Singapore Sling
Hard to get a photo, he wouldn’t stop eating the peanuts.

The Long Bar is, however, open. It has been refurbished and is open for business. Anyone who has heard of Singapore has heard of Raffles. They go hand in hand. So the last minute change of plans has us off to the most iconic property in town, to sit in the historical bar for a sip of the famous Singapore Sling.

Long bar, raffles Singapore, Singapore Sling
Drinks arrived but got to get everything in order before taking a photo

I ordered the one without alcohol but I was on my own in that regard. Original Singapore Slings were by far the most popular choice.

Long bar, raffles Singapore, Singapore Sling
Happy now

It isn’t cheap by any means, no $5 cocktails here but actually, the price is very reasonable when compared to any 5-star hotel in Australia. Singapore isn’t known for its cheap alcohol. Beers are $15 a beer at the Satay by the Bay hawker centre. The place where your divine meal is $5 or less. So even Hawker prices are higher than one would expect.

Long bar, raffles Singapore, Singapore Sling
Looking tired and sick, trying not to move because my phone does long exposures

There are promotions buy one get one free, called one for one here. For every one you pay for you get another one. My non-alcoholic sling, called the teetotaler Singapore Sling, just to make me feel lame, was $16 and actually really nice.

Long bar, raffles Singapore, Singapore Sling
He did enjoy it, trust me.

TW had the original and it was $32 but he said super alcoholic. Not pure alcohol like a long island ice tea but strong. Strong as in heavy in alcohol. Not strong by flavour or smack you in the face. I had a sip and it was surprisingly nice. I don’t drink alcohol and usually when I have a sip, which is a super tiny sip, like a drop or I will put my lips on the glass and then lick them. Not a half gallon sucked through the straw, drank your drink in one go kind of sip (which is what my “bites” of food tend to be, so if I ever ask for a bite of yours, say no, there will be nothing left).

At Chijmes. TW playing Pokemon

Free peanuts on the table were great because TW hadn’t had dinner. We did get dinner after. First we went to Chijmes but TW wanted something quick and cheapish.

Masala Dosa at Suntec

His favourite Thai shop in the food court below his office was replaced by an Indian store, they happened to be open. We both had a masala dosa for dinner. I can never turn down a dosa.

Masala Dosa at Suntec
TW’s hand for scale, they were big and tasty

Well, the Long Bar lived up to its name. It is actually well worth the visit. There was a great atmosphere, plenty of people and the drinks, Singapore Slings at least, were very tasty.

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