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Singapore Stadium

Last night we went to Ed Sheeran. With an early start and busy day to follow, I was hoping Ed started on time and the process of getting home was easy.

This would be not only be the first time we went to Singapore stadium but our first concert/event at the stadium as well. We had no idea what we were in for but having been to events in Sydney, TW was sure it would be mayhem. Especially getting home.

Ed started just after 8:15 for his 8pm show, announcing that we would have about 2 hours together so when the show ended at 10pm I guessed there was an encore. He did, 2 or 3 songs. I think it was two songs, the last being super long but I wasn’t that familiar with either of them so maybe there was 3. The encore finished at about 10:10pm.

We didn’t leave early or rush to get to the MRT station. Leaving only after he finished, walking up the stairs – which were wide and allowed many, many people to move in and out of the standing area quickly. We then had to walk around and out and then back. For ease of traffic, we were marshalled through the open areas where I think there are cut-throughs available but the preference must be those are not used when events are on.

It was a simple process, we made it to the MRT with thousands of other people. It appeared over half of the stadium was about to use the MRT and the rest would get a taxi. Everything was flowing easily but there were just masses of people about.

TW said we would likely wait for hours to get on a train, though we were through the turnstiles to the station without any wait. There was a queue but it moved efficiently. The escalators both running down to the station and all turnstiles were for entry, no exit, this allowed for quick access to the station and platform.

Within moments the train we needed arrived. We were a decent way back in the line. Without any issues, we managed to get on to that train as did everyone else waiting for it on the platform and a decent number of people who were behind us in making their way down to the platform.

2 stops later we were at our home station and walking home. Including the last beat and roar of the crowd as Ed left the stage, the total time it took for us to get home was 28 minutes. I was in the door, shoes off and had been to the toilet before I did a time check. It is roughly an 8 minute walk from the station and I would guess the walk from where we were standing in the stadium to the MRT was roughly the same. Multiple sets of stairs were involved, without escalators.

It was so easy! So easy and efficient. Yes, Ed started late but I believe that was to allow guests time to enter the stadium. It was about half empty, even when he started. By the start of his third song, everyone had rushed in but until then, the crowd was sparse. The show was sold out so I was concerned at what happened to everyone. Loitering outside, it seems.

Great show, great to see a live show. A man and a guitar on stage with a loop pedal. Selling out stadiums, worldwide, for two years. He has been on the road with this same show for two years. Thats talent right there.

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