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Singapore Stopover Package

A couple days ago we had some friends in Singapore. On their way to the Maldives for their honeymoon (congrats again guys!) they booked a few nights in Singapore as an official stopover package.

Singapore Stopover Package

Good news for them – they managed to get great value out of it. Good news for us, they didn’t manage to use all of the included things and were too tired on the last day it was valid to do any activities at night. Rightly so, they spent the night at Marina Bay Sands so their activity was hanging on the rooftop at the pool. Decent choice.

River cruise

So, we made use of the passes. A river cruise. Whoop, free river cruise.

It was dusk to night by the time we got our tickets and on the boat itself.

I did get a little bored because we walk around this area all the time. The views from the banks are nice. Super nice. It was nicer from the water and nice to not have to walk but it wasn’t as amazing as it might have been for people other than us.

THEN, we went to the night safari at Singapore Zoo.

It was pretty late now, so we were nice and tired. Which meant we did the tram only. I think it is better if you walk some of the trails. Getting photos at night from a vehicle that doesn’t stop, it is pretty hard. So I didn’t get any good ones.


Some of the animals we didn’t see, they were hiding or not under the lights in their enclosures. It was a decent night and the kids in front of us were super excited.

Singapore Stopover Package

We did get a good hotdog, well good for a different kind of hotdog. Tasty. We paid for the hot dog, MRT, transfer from the MRT to the zoo and then a taxi back home after the safari. Our total outlay was $40 including the hot dogs and a beard papa at Clarke Quay.

And that is the story of how we made the most of someone else stop over package.

Note to any thinking about booking an official stopover packageĀ – do it.

We used $64 per person worth of vouchers with just two activities and our friends used over $150 per person themselves. That is a huge saving for a $40 investment. If you have time for Universal, the additional amount to include tickets to Universal Studios is beyond great value.

Their hotel rate was also a reduced rate, so the Singapore Stopover Package really pays for itself.

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