Moving to Singapore
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Singapore – the gift that keeps giving

So, I do keep referencing we applied for something, have to complete a lot of paperwork for it and I can’t talk about it. That is true. I can’t. Not yet anyway.

But, part of this is because of Singapore. One of the best things to come from it so far is that I get to see a cousin I haven’t seen in over 20 years and meet her partner and little baby girl – who isn’t a baby any more.

I dunno about you but I care for my family a lot. There are the usual family dramas in mine and while I try to stay out of it I am in the middle of some. I don’t want to have to pick sides and I feel like I am supposed to but no matter what I do everyone gets hurt. The beef is between others, valid from my understanding but not directly related to me and no ill will has been sent my way so I stay away from the topic. Trying to let them work through their own pain and not add to it because I haven’t picked a side. I have been told, not picking is picking the other side. That sucks.

Anyway, this application has us going to a meeting. My cousin, who is killer with make-up is coming to visit while we are at the meeting. It is exciting to see someone that you haven’t seen in forever and it is really nice that her whole family is travelling just to see us. On my birthday and everything.

So Singapore, thank you. While we may live further away now, you are giving the gift of bringing us together.

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