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Singpost & Lola’s asthma spacer

cat spacer package

On the 7th of Feb, the asthma spacer Mum sent over for Lola was marked as delivered but we didn’t receive it. I have been arguing with both Singpost and Auspost since because she needs the spacer. The package had listed on it in the contents declaration that it was an asthma spacer. It was the first thing I said when chasing them about the package.

Friday I had an argument online for about an hour and said I wanted the issue escalated, not just in notes but to a supervisor and for someone to call me. I got a call, the supervisor said she would take care of the case personally. Because it was Friday she would need to wait until Monday to do anything.

Monday, we sit down for dinner then the doorbell rings. TW answers it, two men and one tiny box are standing at our door. The package has arrived. I don’t know what she did but 10 days after the package was marked as delivered. 10 days of me stating it, in fact, had not been delivered. Their insistence that someone else in the house must have picked it up from our mailbox.


We delivered the puffer for Lola, computer says so

My assertion that the package is a box and the box won’t fit through our mail slot. Not to mention it was marked as delivered on the day Lola arrived. Around the time Lola arrived so we would have been in the lobby at the time of the delivery. Days and weeks of the same thing. We delivered it, we escalated your case, check with your household, we will have the team contact you. Nothing.

Then the call. One business day passed and the package arrived. I am thankful to finally have her spacer. We did buy a spacer on Saturday but it is for people and hers is for cats. We haven’t used the new one so we may be able to return it – the person one wasn’t cheap but the cat one was about five times as much.

So, well, now we have her spacer and a good thing too as I needed to use it for her. She had her first attack last night. I guess it isn’t allergies, it really is just asthma and the Flixotide does treat it well. For her anyway, to the point where it is undetectable. Which really is the best outcome.

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This post was originally posted on 19 February 2019
The day was 19 February 2019
Updated 2nd November 2019

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