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Sir Whingealot gets an upgrade

TW is a globalist and he does now try to stay at Hyatt hotels wherever he can. He has a work trip to KL tonight and the hotel was basically sold out. The only thing showing online was a USD4,000+ per night suite. Through Privé I could get a standard suite for him at USD350 a night, or something around that.

Same round bath as his last suite
Kulala Lumpur Grand Hyatt
Shower, Kuala Lumpur Grand Hyatt
Still the bathroom
He is in the Bathroom

Privé gets him an upgrade and free full breakfast plus early check-in and a hotel credit. The rate was still over budget. He emailed the hotel rep – the one he whinged to the last two times he stayed in KL. This being his third trip. I am not sure if he said he could get a privé rate or just that he needed a room and the hotel was showing sold out. The rep came back with a rate within his work budget so he booked.

One very lonely bag and a backpack. This isn’t really a room for one. It has another wardrobe

On arrival, he found out that the room available online for over USD4000 a night is the room he had been allocated. Suite saving, presidential suite for TW. I was going to join him for this trip but we decided against it……. sigh.


I don’t know if it was his whinging, luck or the fact that he keeps going back even though he complains (so the hotel wants to keep him coming back as there are plenty of alternatives to book). His stays have only been one night stays, so he isn’t a big spender. That doesn’t matter though, here he is, in all his glory. The pinnacle of success in the world of hotel stays. A free upgrade to the presidential suite.

Sitting area – not to be confused with the movie, library or lounge room areas.
Lounge area
The actual TV area
More lounging space
Dining area.
Full kitchen
Yes, he has his own library

He won, he can now retire.

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