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Sofra – Shaw Tower, Beach Road

Tombik is a dish I hadn’t heard of before Singapore. In fact we were living there over a year before I even heard of it there.

It is like a kebab but instead of on a flat bead is it on a nice Turkish bread roll.

Triston had one with a work college at a different store and then took me a few weeks later. On my way to have lunch with him one time I saw it on the Menu at Sofra and it was actually listed as cheaper.

The amazing thing is their listed price includes the tax. That is almost unheard of in Singapore. They also have a lunch set special which comes with a drink. $8.90 including tax and a drink. I can eat cheaper in Singapore but I can’t really eat Turkish food cheaper in Singapore so it is amazing value.

Plus it is a sit in restaurant, quite a large one at that. In Shaw Tower on Beach Road is happens to be half way between our apartment and Triston’s work. It is also a covered walk from Suntec to Shaw Tower so it is super convenient. Triston can leave the work building but not really need to worry if it is raining – as it was on the day we went.

Triston had lemon tea and I had apple tea. Both were really tasty actually. Super tasty. Even though it was raining, we both went with iced tea but you can get hot tea and there are non-tea options.

We ordered one chicken and one mixed beef/lamb Tombik. I started with the mixed and we swapped halfway. At that time we both enjoyed the new flavour, possibly more than the original but maybe just because it was tasty and new.

I would recommend it, the price is great, flavours were good. I do still miss a good Aussie kebab. A good Aussie kebab, not an average or a bad one. We haven’t been to Turkey yet so I don’t know if I like the traditional ones better but I do enjoy a good Aussie one.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I give it 3.5 stars. It was a great cheap meal but it isn’t a super cheap meal and the area is littered with super cheap gems ($5 and under). It also isn’t fine dining. Well, we are only talking about the Tombik, there is a lot more on the menu.

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