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Stress + Netflix binge

So I have been super stressed about Cat’s trip. I think my parents, at least my mum shares the stress. She was the one that had to drive Lola back to the farm from the village house. Dad is more stress over details but not so much over things you can’t control. TW’s Aunties are also super stressed about it.

The stress was too much, I decided to re-watch Glee. It is both hilarious and devastating. Cory Monteith died so re-watching it and when anything pivotal in his character Finn’s life happened I just break down. Life imitated art in a lot of respects for him so things that he missed out on but were supposed to happen in the show also didn’t happen in life.

The best part is that I feel much less sad or stressed about actual life. It is a good outlet. Probably 3 seasons too long but I am going to be a few seasons short of getting through to Thursday when Lola should arrive.

We have been inspired though. Lots of good things going to happen this year 🙂

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