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Stressful Monday

Monday morning at just after 9 am the clinic that did the biopsy called and asked if I can bring in the original images from my MRI.

I took in all of my documents but when I got there I realised I hadn’t had an MRI.

Then just after 5pm the called and asked when my specialist appointment was. I said I didnt have one yet as they don’t have the results yet but they would call me for an appointment. She paused and slowly said okay. Okay but in a very unsettling way.

I said to Triston based on that call and the one in the morning we may need to brave ourselves for the fact that I have cancer.

I didn’t want to get to caught up in it but rather than thinking I for sure don’t have it we might need to be prepared.

Just before 6pm the Dr who did the biopsy called. She was calling to let me know the preliminary results show no cancer and wanted to let me relax.

I think even she had started to think it was cancer but also she might have realised that with two calls in one day I would be stressed.

She said the official results would be in so she can’t formally say it but provisionally it all looked good.

Monday was so stressful. Lola gave me lots of cuddles and insisted on it.

I didn’t actually calm down or relax. I was relieved. We are both relieved but this has been some time now so it will take more than one short phone call to relax.

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