Lola in Singapore
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Super clean apartment

Everything we own and don’t own in our apartment has successfully been bleach treated. Only a few mishaps in the laundry. Not from bleach but from the original dye not being colourfast.

Excited to have sanitised the house. Now monitoring the red spot on lola. Hopefully it will start to heal soon.

She likes the smell and taste of the treatment cream. Which is an issue. We put it on she wants to lick it off. I open the tube she wants to eat it.

I bought her a high calorie gel and you would think I want her to eat medicine the way she runs from that. But medicine, no no, she is more than happy to eat it.

Luckily we can distract her long enough after putting it on that she forgets about it and it soaks in. She is grooming herself a lot these days so she does lick the spot but we think the cream gets enough time in to work. Fingers cross. Oh and the cream isn’t meant for eating but it isn’t harmful if she does so that is a relief.

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