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Surgery complete

Whoa, a tonne of stitches. The tissue will be tested as well to make sure there was no cancer in it and if that is all good then everything is over and done. Yay.

10 days and the stitches come out. Lots of wound care before then. Twice a day. By me. On a much bigger area. … It will be a little tougher this time.

The pain hasn’t set in yet but I can feel the anaesthetic wearing off.. slowly.. I am happy there was a tonne of stitches because it should be a nice neat scar not like the one on my other arm. The cut is probably the same length only back then the Dr used 3 stitches and the wound pulled apart and I have a wide scar. Barbed wire fence incident when I was 10 or something.

So that has been a fun little stressful thing for about a month. I guess 6 weeks (when the stitches are out) is a decently short time to go from not knowing I had cancer growing, to having it, to not having any growing. Pretty decent result. Assuming the tissue taken today is cancer free…. which… it should be.

Now. Lola desperately wants my attention so I must go before she jumps on my arm.

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  1. Robyn Williams says

    Hi Michelle so glad surgery is over hope that you wont experience too much pain
    We r sure Tris will take care of you best wishes Robyn n John n Brenty xx

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