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Sydney, what a welcome

Well, a flight delay meant we actually had a better choice of flights. Something outside of our ticket rules. Fantastic result for us as we have about 10 hours extra to sort out our leaking bathroom.


In the taxi from the airport we saw a motorcyclist get side swiped by a van. Luckily traffic was moving slow so hopefully that increases his chance of survival. We were on the off ramp and kept going but I did call 000.

People behind seemed to have jumped out so I wasn’t sure if anyone would call and with traffic stopped behind there could be a huge delay in help.

I am not sure if the rider was injured. Their bike flew one direction and hit another vehicle and their body another direction.

Luckily traffic was slow and built up because the truck in the lane his body landed managed to stop.

Well, hello Sydney, you don’t make me love you.

I hope everyone involved is OK. I’ve been trying to find info online but I guess I will never know.

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