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Returning to our old neighbourhood

I don’t mean in Australia, I mean 200m from where we now live and the Andaz. Between Kampong Glam and Little India we had to make a stop in for a photo of the “Gotham” building. Why not get the Duo complex which houses the Andaz in as well? Actually, it was my uncles request but with my new phone I gave it a … Read More Returning to our old neighbourhood

+ Andaz Singapore pool

Ribs and Oysters Buffet – Andaz Singapore

Last night we went to the Andaz for dinner and their Ribs and Oyster buffet. It was nice to have dinner with “old friends”. We were in the dining hall so often for breakfast, everyone knows us so we were welcomed. Actually, on Friday night we went up but we weren’t hungry enough for a buffet. We loitered in the lobby area then got … Read More Ribs and Oysters Buffet – Andaz Singapore

Singapore – Day 30

Noooo it is the last weekend at the Andaz Singapore. We have forgotten how to take care of ourselves. How can we be allowed to leave and fend for ourselves in the wild. Nooo. Late breakfast, luckily breakfast at the Andaz runs late on weekends. I had rice and veg again and then some cheese, pepperoni and bread. Last night TW read about the … Read More Singapore – Day 30


Singapore – Day 4

Today is Monday so the first day in the office for TW. How should that start? Gym then breakfast. A little bit of stress then off to work. I have the unit viewing in the afternoon and not a lot else going on so generally I faff about for half the day. I decided to Skype call my Mum to show her the view … Read More Singapore – Day 4

+ A Singapore shop house building

Singapore – Day 3

Today was about starting the house search.  Gym, breakfast and then off to meet an agent at a shop house conversion in Chinatown. It is on the MRT to TW’s office and the unit was only a very short walk to the station plus it was right in Chinatown with everything you could want to eat at a budget friendly price. The issue with … Read More Singapore – Day 3