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Honeymoon – ramblings

Canada Honeymoon

My honeymoon blog started as an update of our trip as it happened. It was usually written the day after it happened and I would post as soon as I could. As the trip went on I didn’t have the time to do that….

Honeymoon – day fifteen

Our flight home is from Honolulu and that flight leaves super early in the morning. So today marks the official end of our honeymoon as tonight is about being near to the airport to get there in time. We leave have breakfast at the…

Honeymoon – day twelve


There was a massive debacle with the car not being ready and the valet desk being unattended in the morning and we find that our restless sleep during the night has turned out to be somewhat founded. Against all odds, we make it to…

Honeymoon – day eleven


Hey guys, sorry, I missed a day when I posted this. You may have read this post as honeymoon – day ten. That has now been updated to reflect the missing post from the timeline. So you can read the new day 10 post…

Honeymoon – day ten

Canada Honeymoon

We are sitting at about 9 and a half days since setting off on our honeymoon. Currently close to a week in Canada. Starting in Vancouver, we are now between Niagara Falls and Ottawa. We woke up in Sudbury, drove to Niagara Falls, had…

Honeymoon – day nine

Canada Honeymoon

Continuing our honeymoon road trip we are back on the road. Mildly aware that we are running out of petrol. The car says we have enough left in the tank to get us 5km past Sault Ste. Marie. Service centres are just small local…

Honeymoon – day eight


Oh deary me, why did a road trip honeymoon seem like the best option? It is kind of exhausting. Even our GPS is getting confused, well it was right but it sure did confuse us for a while. We got back in the car…

Honeymoon – day seven


If you watched the video in ‘honeymoon day six,’ you could see that the sun was setting quite quickly as Michelle finished up her droning for the day. Being daylight saving time, it was already well after 9pm. At this stage, we were still…

Honeymoon – day six


It is our honeymoon and I just wanted some water but that was a pretty intense 5 minutes. My brain hasn’t shut off. I could picture all the things crawling in the walls, the ghosts, the people. Sometimes supernatural is not about supernatural things…

Honeymoon – terrifying 5 minutes


We were getting settled in our room. Not everything on a honeymoon needs to be luxurious. It is a hot room so I went to the “Ice and Vending” room that we saw while parking. It was just outside our room. The hotel rooms…