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Lola: Please don’t work

Lola, our rescue cat, is a cuddle cat, most of the time. Sometimes she just can’t be apart from you, those times are generally when you are busy. Today I am at the desk, usually I work from the couch, trying to get some…

Lola sitting weird

Lola is sitting weird, we don’t know why but we love it. Isn’t she so charming and cute? So happy she moved to Singapore with us.

Lola wanted a hug

Lola is super cute and loving. I am not sure what goes on inside her head sometimes but today she got me good. Super cute then bam, bait and switch.

Lola cuddles

Lola cuddles

Lola cuddles. Triston had to travel for work, it seems like Lola really missed him while he was gone. Such a cute cat and intense cuddle.

Do you think Lola misses the farm?

Lola is cute

Lola was being a silly head last night. She was snooping around the wardrobe and started to make a bed in something she shouldn’t be digger her claws into so I picked her up. When I picked her up she saw the up spot…

Lolypols is the best

Lola stare

Lolypols is the best. The way she tessellates to fit in any empty spot to make sure she can cuddle you but is also touching you as much of you as possible.