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+ Lola half hair cut

Australia Gumtree – Singapore Carousell

Ok so there are a number of things that are obviously different between Australia and Singapore but today we learned some about some of the hidden differences. Singapore does have Gumtree but Carousell is where it is at. Our unit in Singapore is now classier than anywhere we lived before – have to make it nice for Cat. But that isn’t what this post … Read More Australia Gumtree – Singapore Carousell

+ Lola in the city

Preparing for Lola to arrive in Singapore

My mum had a lot of running around to do to help us get Lola ready for the move. It would have been handy to know some of these things in advance so it wasn’t all a last minute rush. Thankfully, it is all sorted now. We have been preparing on our end. Lola likes carpet but the apartment here has hardwood floors, so … Read More Preparing for Lola to arrive in Singapore

+ a shot glass and a tea light candle holder

Packing for expat life – overpacked

Given that we have over 100kgs of checked luggage between us. Checked luggage 46kg for me and 50kg for TW. Plus we each get 2 carry on bags up to 7kg each. You might think we overpacked. Clothing and shoes, definitely not overpacked. We have used everything we packed multiple times already. All of those questionable items, the ones that don’t get thrown out … Read More Packing for expat life – overpacked


Packing for expat life – packing fail

What we forgot to pack

+ Lola saying it is nap time, at the farm

Packing for expat life

Ok, so I have lived overseas before but I didn’t own anything. Packing back then was easy for me, literally everything fit into one suitcase. Two at a stretch. Easier to pack one suitcase into the other and take both in case I bought things and wanted to bring them back when I returned. This time it was different. There was the unit we … Read More Packing for expat life

+ grooming monkey in the cloud forest

Singapore settling in

Well, we have had a few days and a full weekend in our flat in Singapore, settling in nicely. We are still adjusting to the lack of buffet breakfast at home. Our little street is closed to traffic every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7pm to midnight. I thought it was from 7pm Friday to midnight Sunday but it is just the evenings. The … Read More Singapore settling in

+ The Manhattan fish market suntec

Singapore – Day 35

Our first full day in the new flat.

+ Andaz Singapore pool

Singapore – Day 34

Moving Day.


Singapore – Day 28

TW got paid!!! Woowoowoo. We have money, local money. No more need to worry about exchange costs. Only we have to spend most of it today as well. 2 months rent as bond, 1 months rent in advance. Lucky we took the cheaper place so he’s got enough to cover that and there will be just enough left to pay the hotel what we … Read More Singapore – Day 28


Singapore – Day 26