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Singapore – Day 8

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday, remember when I was saying there was a weird noise in my chest or ear and I wasn’t sure if I could hear it or if I was feeling it and hearing it because it was a noise inside my body? Well just before I went to sleep I was in the spot where I could hear … Read More Singapore – Day 8


Singapore – Day 7

We didn’t start with the gym today. It was a quick breakfast – very yummy, I had laksa and the two curries on offer with roti. Hmm, maybe breakfast wasn’t that quick – and then over to the dr. Very quick service, no clear diagnosis. She did hear wheezing in my breathe and thought I would feel a tightness in my chest with that, … Read More Singapore – Day 7


Singapore – Day 6

Back to our usual, gym then breakfast, only today it was a little later than usual. It was ok though because rather than having to get to the office TW (and I) had an appointment at the employment pass office to get our Visa more properly sorted. Mine is just a LTVP – so I have no working rights – TW has the right … Read More Singapore – Day 6


Singapore – Day 5

Today, for the first time since arriving, our days start differently. TW is too rushed at the gym so I tell him to go by himself, I will go after breakfast.TW goes to the gym, showers, we go to breakfast then he gets ready and goes to work. I go to the gym after breakfast and then travel to a suburb we have been … Read More Singapore – Day 5

Our Room at the Andaz Singapore

A month in a hotel, in December. Andaz to the rescue.


Singapore – Day 4

Today is Monday so the first day in the office for TW. How should that start? Gym then breakfast. A little bit of stress then off to work. I have the unit viewing in the afternoon and not a lot else going on so generally I faff about for half the day. I decided to Skype call my Mum to show her the view … Read More Singapore – Day 4


Singapore – Day 3

Today was about starting the house search.  Gym, breakfast and then off to meet an agent at a shop house conversion in Chinatown. It is on the MRT to TW’s office and the unit was only a very short walk to the station plus it was right in Chinatown with everything you could want to eat at a budget friendly price. The issue with … Read More Singapore – Day 3


First 24 hours in Singapore

Our new home. Moving to a new country starts now.