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Lolypols vomited this morning

So, I didn’t sleep great and maybe Lola didn’t either. She got up at 6am when I got up and I don’t really remember her eating but I was aware when she started to vomit. She isn’t a vomit cat, though my mum says that while she was at the farm without us she did often eat then vomit. Maybe she has picked up … Read More Lolypols vomited this morning

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Lola – health check complete.

As part of the immigration process, Lola had to have a health check and certain treatments. These have to be completed two days prior to arrival in Singapore. Once administered she couldn’t have any visitors. The treatment is for worms and fleas and the health check is a general assessment that she is fit an healthy. It isn’t a complete health check, our own … Read More Lola – health check complete.