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Lolypols vomited this morning

So, I didn’t sleep great and maybe Lola didn’t either. She got up at 6am when I got up and I don’t really remember her eating but I was aware when she started to vomit. She isn’t a vomit cat, though my mum says that while she was at the farm without us she did often eat then vomit. Maybe she has picked up … Read More Lolypols vomited this morning

+ Meat Smith Pulled pork

Meat Smith Telok Ayer

Pulled Pork burgers, corn bread, deep fried mac and cheese. What else could you ask for from a mothers day meal?


Ramadan Sultan Bazaar 2019

Ramadan Sultan Bazaar 2019 has been in the process of setting up for the last few days, with the opening slated for the 4th of May. We went on the 1st of May and on the 5th of May, but during the day each time. Some stalls didn’t look quite ready so TW suggested maybe it was a night market and the stalls would … Read More Ramadan Sultan Bazaar 2019

Star Wars day in Singapore

It appears that Singapore puts on a show, literally, for Star Wars day. It includes May the Fourth (be with you), Revenge of the fifth/sixth. I guess rather than pick which of the revenge dates they prefer they decided to celebrate both. May 4, 5 and 6 there is a special edition of Garden Rhapsody at Gardens by the bay. Star Wars themed – … Read More Star Wars day in Singapore


Singapore Stopover Package

A couple days ago we had some friends in Singapore. On their way to the Maldives for their honeymoon (congrats again guys!) they booked a few nights in Singapore as an official stopover package. Good news for them – they managed to get great value out of it. Good news for us, they didn’t manage to use all of the included things and were … Read More Singapore Stopover Package


Singapore Chilli Crab

Yesterday we had our first taste of Singapore chilli crab. I think the way in which we ate it would annoy so many people. Even the staff offered to give us lessons at one point. The “ordeal” was recorded but I won’t have access to the video for about 5 to 8 months. Which means I can’t watch it and cringe, not yet. The … Read More Singapore Chilli Crab


Flower Dome Tulipmania

Flower Dome Tulipmania is on. Tulips and the northern hemisphere spring are upon us. I love the display in the flower dome. I love that Singapore brings the best of the world to us. So we don’t have to think about it. The cherry blossoms have come and gone, the tulips are here for now. Soon another display will arrive to showcase the world. … Read More Flower Dome Tulipmania

+ View from the rooftop bar

SuperTree by Indochine

Last night we went to dinner at Gardens by the Bay to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary. To make it special I had booked SuperTree by Indochine. The restaurant announced it was closing as Gardens by the Bay now has plans to turn the SuperTree into an observation deck. What I didn’t realise when I booked was just how much taller than everything else … Read More SuperTree by Indochine

+ Singapore shopping kids learning

Singapore is more than a shopping stopover

Singapore is more than a shopping stopover, it is the ultimate family getaway. I enjoy childish things and I am really in my element here. There is something about the way this country does things that just make it so fun for adults and kids, yet I understand the point was to engage the youngsters. It isn’t just me drawn in to these displays … Read More Singapore is more than a shopping stopover

+ Lola

Vetmobile – Singapore

When Lola arrived we got Vetmobile to come out and do up a new script and generally check up on her. She had just been through vets for the international move. We weren’t at any of those appointments so being with a vet and asking questions was comforting but we needed to get the script for her asthma anyway so we may as well … Read More Vetmobile – Singapore