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Singpost & Lola’s asthma spacer

On the 7th of Feb Lola’s spacer was marked as delivered but we didn’t receive it. I have been arguing with both Singpost and Auspost since because she needs the spacer. The package had listed on it in the contents declaration that it was an asthma spacer. It was the first thing I said when chasing them about the package. Friday I had an … Read More Singpost & Lola’s asthma spacer

Flixotide in Singapore

Lola has Asthma which we control with Flixotide. My mum sent her spacer over mid-January so that we would have it for her arrival. The vet sent a new script to switch her to tablets to control it while she was without the spacer. This also covered her for the couple of days she had in Sydney. It is easier to give her a … Read More Flixotide in Singapore

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Oneworld award flights and concerts booked whoop

Oneworld award flights are the best value. We managed to get Bangkok – New York – Vienna – Dublin – Singapore – Sydney – Singapore all on one ticket. Putting all these flights on one ticket cost us 5,000 more points than a return to New York in points. We start in Bangkok because as soon as you return to your starting city the … Read More Oneworld award flights and concerts booked whoop

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Bintan – TW’s work trip

Bintan! Woohoo for TW. He has a work trip for the rest of the week and he is over on one of the Indonesian Islands right now, Bintan. Initially, he wasn’t sure if it was Batam or Bintan but Bintan it is. TW thinks it is amazing that he can just get on a ferry, for 40 minutes, to go to another country. I … Read More Bintan – TW’s work trip

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Getting used to our apartment

So there are a lot of good things about our apartment in Singapore. It is big, the air conditioners work well. We have two toilets. There is a working intercom system. Something we didn’t really take notice of before or when we were first moving into the apartment, was the bathroom doors. Both doors in the apartment are the same. We kind of just … Read More Getting used to our apartment

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Chinese New Year Singapore 5 day weekend

So Lola was set to arrive after the 5 day long weekend because we would likely go away. It wouldn’t be fair to her to have her arrive and then abandon her while we went on holidays. We left booking a trip late, as previously discussed. Because of that, we decided we would take a day trip or short break in Malaysia. Well, what … Read More Chinese New Year Singapore 5 day weekend

Chinese New Year in Singapore – Marina Bay

Sunday night we decided to walk to Gardens by the Bay because TW wanted to go sit in the flower dome. We decided to walk via Marina Bay because we hadn’t been back to see the completed Bicentennial celebrations. There was an orchestra playing in the orchestra pit as we walked by. We stopped to watch and listen for a little while. I would … Read More Chinese New Year in Singapore – Marina Bay


CNY and a 5 day long weekend

This year Singapore’s two designated public holidays for Chinese New Year are the 5th and 6th of Feb. A Tuesday and Wednesday. TW has the Monday off, through an annual leave application. Lola is arriving on the 7th, to avoid the public holidays. Not just the public holidays here but also in Australia. We need the airports, handlers, importers, exporters, customs, immigration and vets … Read More CNY and a 5 day long weekend

+ Lola saying it is nap time, at the farm

Packing for expat life

Ok, so I have lived overseas before but I didn’t own anything. Packing back then was easy for me, literally everything fit into one suitcase. Two at a stretch. Easier to pack one suitcase into the other and take both in case I bought things and wanted to bring them back when I returned. This time it was different. There was the unit we … Read More Packing for expat life


Singapore – after our first holiday

Well, it is nice to be back in Singapore. Even though I spent the day doing laundry and other boring things. Our flat is big, we could use another new sofa, but it is comfortable here. I guess that means we like it. Missed it, happy to be back. Enjoying the ease of everything. Singapore is just easy. It is a great place to … Read More Singapore – after our first holiday