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First trip to Thailand, Phuket to Bangkok

You would think a free upgrade to a suite would make TW happy, if only! He felt the need to ask to change rooms. He will, after all, be spending his birthday here.

First trip to Thailand, Phuket day 1

Trip 1 to Thailand. I assume the first of many, or at least more. Phuket is our first stop, we are booked in at the Hyatt Regency Phuket. We took Jetstar flights because they were nice and cheap. I forgot I booked mine with the plus bundle so I was getting a meal on the flight. If I remembered that I probably wouldn’t have … Read More First trip to Thailand, Phuket day 1

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Amangiri and Me – MT (pt 1)

Oh, Amangiri, how I miss thee. I have been told many times that I should write my stories down, not just about travel. The things I say in general but I do talk to people about travel a lot. Mine, theirs, a relative’s, someone they used to know. It doesn’t matter who went on the trip, travel is a good topic. Though, I never … Read More Amangiri and Me – MT (pt 1)


Singapore – Day 7

We didn’t start with the gym today. It was a quick breakfast – very yummy, I had laksa and the two curries on offer with roti. Hmm, maybe breakfast wasn’t that quick – and then over to the dr. Very quick service, no clear diagnosis. She did hear wheezing in my breathe and thought I would feel a tightness in my chest with that, … Read More Singapore – Day 7