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+ Grand Hyatt Jakarta Breakfast

Grand Hyatt Jakarta Club Lounge

We arrived at the hotel and were checked in before 10:30 which meant breakfast was still available in the Grand Hyatt Jakarta Club Lounge. On Saturday we had until 11am to catch breakfast. Breakfast includes an egg station and a soup, the soup option changed daily but always included noodles. Nom, nom. Best not forget the bacon, potato and sausages. Beef bacon not pork … Read More Grand Hyatt Jakarta Club Lounge


Grand Hyatt Jakarta’s Pool

Last night we had a look around the Grand Hyatt Jakarta’s pool area. It was larger and more resort style than I imagined for a city pool. This morning we went for a swim. Given the ambient temperature here the water was nice even though the sun was behind clouds/smog. We weren’t the first people at the pool but we were the first to … Read More Grand Hyatt Jakarta’s Pool


Returning to our old neighbourhood

I don’t mean in Australia, I mean 200m from where we now live and the Andaz. Between Kampong Glam and Little India we had to make a stop in for a photo of the “Gotham” building. Why not get the Duo complex which houses the Andaz in as well? Actually, it was my uncles request but with my new phone I gave it a … Read More Returning to our old neighbourhood

+ View from our balcony Hyatt Regency Waikiki

First real hotel upgrade – 6 years ago. Hyatt Regency Waikiki

Roughly this time in 2013 we had just checked in at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki. After a big trip, by big I mean status run with 10+ flights from Hawaii to Peurto Rico we had landed back in Hawaii to have the holiday part. I was ill on arrival at the Hyatt in Kauai. We asked about a doctor but due to the time … Read More First real hotel upgrade – 6 years ago. Hyatt Regency Waikiki

+ Chinese new year singapore

Thank you

I just wanted to take some time to thank everyone that has read, liked and commented on my posts. Most of you don’t know me in person and my mum tells me the posts are too long to read. She might look at the pictures. So even though the daily posts started as a way to keep our friends and family updated, it has … Read More Thank you

+ Lola is cute

Do you think Lola misses the farm?

Cat was being a silly head last night. She was snooping around the wardrobe and started to make a bed in something she shouldn’t be digger her claws into so I picked her up. When I picked her up she saw the up spot so I had to let her go up.  Lola loves up, she sat down and took stock of all her … Read More Do you think Lola misses the farm?

Joo Chiat and East Coast Park

Joo Chiat We thought about going up to Malaysia for the day or to Universal because we had no plans. TW’s work bonus was oversold and under delivered so we ended up going with the budget-friendly option of exploring places we haven’t been to yet. What the Pandan? had mentioned the area in a comment. I then read their post about eating in Joo … Read More Joo Chiat and East Coast Park

+ breakfast flower water pot hyatt regency phuket

First trip to Thailand, Phuket to Bangkok

You would think a free upgrade to a suite would make TW happy, if only! He felt the need to ask to change rooms. He will, after all, be spending his birthday here.

First trip to Thailand, Phuket day 1

Trip 1 to Thailand. I assume the first of many, or at least more. Phuket is our first stop, we are booked in at the Hyatt Regency Phuket. We took Jetstar flights because they were nice and cheap. I forgot I booked mine with the plus bundle so I was getting a meal on the flight. If I remembered that I probably wouldn’t have … Read More First trip to Thailand, Phuket day 1

+ Amangiri Pool

Amangiri and Me – MT (pt 1)

Oh, Amangiri, how I miss thee. I have been told many times that I should write my stories down, not just about travel. The things I say in general but I do talk to people about travel a lot. Mine, theirs, a relative’s, someone they used to know. It doesn’t matter who went on the trip, travel is a good topic. Though, I never … Read More Amangiri and Me – MT (pt 1)