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TW’s first work trip to Manilla

His APEC card arrived just in time so he was pretty happy. The Grand Hyatt Manilla upgraded him to a suite as his globalist benefit.


Lolypols vomited this morning

So, I didn’t sleep great and maybe Lola didn’t either. She got up at 6am when I got up and I don’t really remember her eating but I was aware when she started to vomit. She isn’t a vomit cat, though my mum says that while she was at the farm without us she did often eat then vomit. Maybe she has picked up … Read More Lolypols vomited this morning

Protests in Jakarta

9th May We have watched some diplomat enter and leave our hotel. I have not made mention of it because I don’t know why the security detail was so large and I didn’t want to jeopardise their safety. Not that there are huge amounts of people reading my blog and those that do aren’t the dangerous type. I just didn’t want to be the … Read More Protests in Jakarta

+ Grand Hyatt Jakarta Breakfast

Grand Hyatt Jakarta Club Lounge

We arrived at the hotel and were checked in before 10:30 which meant breakfast was still available in the Grand Hyatt Jakarta Club Lounge. On Saturday we had until 11am to catch breakfast. Breakfast includes an egg station and a soup, the soup option changed daily but always included noodles. Nom, nom. Best not forget the bacon, potato and sausages. Beef bacon not pork … Read More Grand Hyatt Jakarta Club Lounge

No seats together in flight, unless you take the bulkhead and you must know the bassinet will be in use.

On our flight from Melbourne to Singapore, we were in different bookings, with our assigned seats miles apart. So we went to the lounge and asked if we could move. The amazing lounge agent said we could be moved to two middles seats together or an aisle and a middle seat but that option is next to an infant. Or, just stay where we … Read More No seats together in flight, unless you take the bulkhead and you must know the bassinet will be in use.

+ Standard cinema seating CinemaXXI

Pikachu – Standard Class Cinema XXI Plaza Indonesia

I wanted to compare gold class to velvet but we had a huge downpour and neither of us felt like going outside and crossing the street. Fortunately, the mall attached to the Grand Hyatt in Jakarta also has a cinema and it is screening Pikachu, whoop. Avengers really dominates the luxury experience. I didn’t want to see it again. It was long enough the … Read More Pikachu – Standard Class Cinema XXI Plaza Indonesia

+ Checking out the view from our seats in velvet class

Velvet class CGV Cinema at Jakarta Grand – Avengers Endgame

If you haven’t heard of CGV or Velvet class then you aren’t alone. I found out about it two days ago. When we moved to Singapore, TW’s work organised a city orientation tour and the lady mentioned that there was a level of cinema viewing better than gold class. She also made mention that in Thailand that was better still. TW’s work colleagues had … Read More Velvet class CGV Cinema at Jakarta Grand – Avengers Endgame


Grand Hyatt Jakarta’s Pool

Last night we had a look around the Grand Hyatt Jakarta’s pool area. It was larger and more resort style than I imagined for a city pool. This morning we went for a swim. Given the ambient temperature here the water was nice even though the sun was behind clouds/smog. We weren’t the first people at the pool but we were the first to … Read More Grand Hyatt Jakarta’s Pool

Star Wars day in Singapore

It appears that Singapore puts on a show, literally, for Star Wars day. It includes May the Fourth (be with you), Revenge of the fifth/sixth. I guess rather than pick which of the revenge dates they prefer they decided to celebrate both. May 4, 5 and 6 there is a special edition of Garden Rhapsody at Gardens by the bay. Star Wars themed – … Read More Star Wars day in Singapore


Singapore Chilli Crab

Yesterday we had our first taste of Singapore chilli crab. I think the way in which we ate it would annoy so many people. Even the staff offered to give us lessons at one point. The “ordeal” was recorded but I won’t have access to the video for about 5 to 8 months. Which means I can’t watch it and cringe, not yet. The … Read More Singapore Chilli Crab