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Drowning. Many people say they would like a peaceful death. So they think that drowning would be the best way to go. I heard TW’s mum say it once and he said he doubted that was any kind of peaceful. I suggested that the way my Great Grandma passed, at night in her sleep, next to her husband, from liver failure, was probably more … Read More Drowning

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Oneworld award flights and concerts booked whoop

Oneworld award flights are the best value. We managed to get Bangkok – New York – Vienna – Dublin – Singapore – Sydney – Singapore all on one ticket. Putting all these flights on one ticket cost us 5,000 more points than a return to New York in points. We start in Bangkok because as soon as you return to your starting city the … Read More Oneworld award flights and concerts booked whoop

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First​ Valentine’s Day in Singapore

Happy Valentines day everyone. TW is away for work so Lola is my Valentine and she is lapping it up. Such a cutie. She won’t dress up for it. That’s fine, we live her just the way she is.

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Getting used to our apartment

So there are a lot of good things about our apartment in Singapore. It is big, the air conditioners work well. We have two toilets. There is a working intercom system. Something we didn’t really take notice of before or when we were first moving into the apartment, was the bathroom doors. Both doors in the apartment are the same. We kind of just … Read More Getting used to our apartment

Moving our cat overseas from country NSW to Singapore

We have officially and successfully moved our cat from Australia to Singapore. She was with us in Sydney but has been living with my parents since August 2018. I was with her at my parents’ farm until our move to Singapore. TW was commuting between Sydney and the farm. The problem was that my parents were moving so I was with her to settle … Read More Moving our cat overseas from country NSW to Singapore

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Lola Dubbo to Sydney complete

Lola has now successfully arrived in Sydney after her flight this morning. It was an early day for her and Dad, she had to be at the airport at exactly 5am and about an hour drive to get there. Mum was stressing all morning. TW and I slept in because we went to CNY celebrations last night and then watched abducted in plain sight … Read More Lola Dubbo to Sydney complete

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Honeymoon days 13-15 Hotel Wailea Maui

MAUI!! Hotel Wailea. Finally! We are back. So excited. Our first trip to Maui, back in 2009, we stayed at Hotel Wailea and loved it so for our honeymoon we knew we had to go back. When we first stayed we thought the hotel was more than lovely. There this intangible peace and tranquility about the place. Oh, and those rooms, we adored the rooms. Large, … Read More Honeymoon days 13-15 Hotel Wailea Maui

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First trip to Thailand, Hua Hin – Home

The trip was great. Hua Hin, well the Hyatt Regency at least we didn’t do a huge amount of exploring, was very relaxing. Instant feeling of holiday and relaxation. I did miss Singapore. TW says he didn’t, he wants one of the suites to be his real home. Just to make sure we never travel again. The best part about our stay at Hua … Read More First trip to Thailand, Hua Hin – Home

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First trip to Thailand – Hua Hin day 2

This morning, we excitedly went for breakfast knowing that afterwards the pool and slide would be open. We didn’t realise the slide was closed until 10am. We did, however, take forever at breakfast. By the time we got in the pool and swam around to prove it is one big pool and got back to the slide it was right on 10am. TW started … Read More First trip to Thailand – Hua Hin day 2

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First trip to Thailand, Phuket to Bangkok

You would think a free upgrade to a suite would make TW happy, if only! He felt the need to ask to change rooms. He will, after all, be spending his birthday here.