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+ Hyatt Recency Hua Hin

First trip to Thailand – Hua Hin day 2

This morning, we excitedly went for breakfast knowing that afterwards the pool and slide would be open. We didn’t realise the slide was closed until 10am. We did, however, take forever at breakfast. By the time we got in the pool and swam around to prove it is one big pool and got back to the slide it was right on 10am. TW started … Read More First trip to Thailand – Hua Hin day 2

+ breakfast flower water pot hyatt regency phuket

First trip to Thailand, Phuket to Bangkok

You would think a free upgrade to a suite would make TW happy, if only! He felt the need to ask to change rooms. He will, after all, be spending his birthday here.

+ Floating cabana Hyatt Regency Phuket

First trip to Thailand, Phuket day 2

I forgot my swimmers y’all.

First trip to Thailand, Phuket day 1

Trip 1 to Thailand. I assume the first of many, or at least more. Phuket is our first stop, we are booked in at the Hyatt Regency Phuket. We took Jetstar flights because they were nice and cheap. I forgot I booked mine with the plus bundle so I was getting a meal on the flight. If I remembered that I probably wouldn’t have … Read More First trip to Thailand, Phuket day 1

+ TW and the Merlion

Singapore will you miss me?

Are you even and Expat in Singapore if your never in Singapore?

Amangiri and Me – MT (pt 3 – the finalé)

We learned a lot about me in part 1 and 2 but not a huge amount about Amangiri. Why was that important? I always read reviews and then discard them because I don’t know what kind of person they are. Do they hate life and everything good that has ever happened to them? Are they the kind of people who insist on seeing only … Read More Amangiri and Me – MT (pt 3 – the finalé)

+ Amangiri Pool

Amangiri and Me – MT (pt 1)

Oh, Amangiri, how I miss thee. I have been told many times that I should write my stories down, not just about travel. The things I say in general but I do talk to people about travel a lot. Mine, theirs, a relative’s, someone they used to know. It doesn’t matter who went on the trip, travel is a good topic. Though, I never … Read More Amangiri and Me – MT (pt 1)

+ TW USA Map

Where we have been.

Everyone has their own travel bucket list. We are checking as many off as we can. Everywhere and anywhere is on our list, so we don’t keep a list of places to go just places we have already been. MT’s Travels USA – I have been to all but 3 states. Alaska, New Mexico and Oklahoma are the only three I haven’t been to … Read More Where we have been.


Singapore – Day 29

Organic rice and veg for breakfast. I do wonder if it is healthy at all because it is super super tasty. Must be if I have dinner for breakfast just about every morning. Small portion, it has been a while since the rice was on the buffet so I just had a sample. I decide then to get another plate of food, a bit … Read More Singapore – Day 29


Singapore – Day 14

Wow, how did we get here already. Tonight will be the third Thursday night, tomorrow the third Friday. How have we been here this long? I have been sick for a week so I don’t really remember much of the last week but still the first week went incredibly fast and now we are approaching the third weekend here still without an idea of … Read More Singapore – Day 14