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Term 2 complete

Ugh. We get a week off before the next term… yay. Now I can try and catch up.

It is hard but not really hard. It is fun and yeah actually quite fun. It is more that I need to focus and spend time memorising words and I have the time but not the focus.

Term 2 favourite word – 물고기 = water meat = fish that swim in the sea/at an aquarium, generally fish that are not food….. Fish that will be consumed has another name and it isn’t water meat and I just find it backwards haha…. I mean, in English it is all fish right. Living, dead, for eating, not for eating. Water meat made so much sense to me but we didn’t learn that. That was a side note.

Our word to learn was the word for fish that will be eaten. It is the equivalent of cherTea – as in Teacher but the two syllables swapped around. And. What… water meat is so cute and easy to remember. I also remember cherTea because our teacher said people often put it backwards on worksheets/tests/emails so call him fish (food) instead of teacher. Haha. Ahh.

At least there is a favourite word this term also.

Week off plans – lunch today with a friend. High tea Monday with a different friend. I need to make plans with at least one more person and a whole lot of review. I have a lot of people to catch up with but also I need to learn a lot more.

I did the end of term test yesterday, I didn’t get 0 but there were a lot of words I didn’t know. Some I could work out, some I had a general idea but just forgot the exact meaning and others I had no idea and didn’t recall seeing them before so I got a lot to do before the next term starts. Less and less of the class is in English so I need to understand more than I do or it will just be too much of a struggle.

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