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Test complete Covid19 Singapore

Triston went to the doctor before work and they decided he did need to have the test.

He came home with a certificate for work and instructions on what has to happen now.

3 days we cannot leave the house. The test should come back within that time.

We don’t know what happens if he is positive and if he is positive, I would be tested and if I am positive what happens with Lola. As far as we know, we would have to go to a facility for quarantining/medical treatment while testing positive for Covid19.

The doctor told him that he may also have Dengue Fever as there is a massive outbreak here at the moment. We haven’t really been out of the house and when we have we can’t remember any mosquitoes but it could have happened.

It could also just be general wear and tear and tiredness.

We have come up with a very interesting plan for the food. We have five slices of bread in the freezer, vinegar in the fridge, some sauces, garlic and ginger, cheese and two soups.

Let’s hope the results come back sooner rather than later, preferably negative too, please.

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