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Testing day

The medical clinic near Triston’s work offers health screening packages and we have been talking about going for a year. Triston just had a whole heap of tests done so we decided it was my turn. His wasn’t an official screen just general maintenance (thyroid problems).

Mine was basically a ‘just because’. I figured it would take hours, though most of the tests are blood tests.

The package is what it is. You can add extra tests on, but the package itself is pretty intense.

There are things I didn’t even know you could test for let alone thought to be tested for on the list, but hey, why not.

I could use a decent cancer screen. Everyone seems to be getting it.

The issue with tests like this is the wait. Going in for the tests was fine but I have to wait for the official results now. I have cysts all over, internally, they cause immense pain and they did show up on the ultrasounds. I think one or three were actively bursting while I was having an ultra sound.

I even got to choose my adventure at one part. After consulting with the GP, there were 3 tests recommended but two included. One was less important than the over two but I figured while I was there just do it. So I paid a little extra and had all three done.

I also did the responsible thing and added on a pap-smear. The ultra mega gold version so I won’t need another for 5 years. Some nice HPV DNA finding mission. 5 years assuming everything is fine.

The biggest issue is I know they found things. In the Ultrasound at least and the technician can’t tell me what. I have to wait for the reviews and specialist comment. Even though I know what is in there and when we changed from one scan to another she said she thought there could be 3 cysts so wanted a better look. Even though I know cysts are fine, I can feel it bursting and the pain makes me want to vomit or pass out. It is still an uncomfortable wait.

Knowing that I will be told we found things, those things are just this, makes it a little easier. I think everyone has a bit of stress in the waiting time.

Lucky for me I will be away when the results are ready so I get to wait 6 weeks to find out that everything is fine. If they phone me, which they will if anything is urgent, then I get to be alone and scared and in another country when I get the news. So that will be fun.

Too busy to think about it for the next few weeks so that at least will be good.

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