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Thanks 2019, you have been great.

I was excited for 2019 to start, confident it would be a great year. And, it was. I am a little sad that it is ending and confused by how quickly it was over.

The first day of 2020 is tomorrow and I look to it with as much appreciation and optimism as I did looking from 2018 to 2019. I believe it will be the best yet.

Not everyone had a great 2019, not everyone survived it. We can’t change that so we have to look back with happy and full hearts and appreciate the time spent with them in 2019 knowing that it will not be possible in 2020.

For us, it has been a fantastic year full or opportunities and rewards.

We are home and Lola is loving it. A new washing machine arrived today and a few things got fixed so we start 2020 fresh.

Also, the TV we bought cheap in Australia arrived in one piece after being checked from Melbourne. Our printed posters also arrived unscathed. All in all a great end to a fantastic year.

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