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The circuit breaker is over!

Yay! Day one of phase one.

I thought with the moving in of the 5 demountable container offices/rooms that the construction site would be buzzing with activity this morning. It isn’t.

Possibly, they are in the process of submitting the safe work data to the multi-ministry task force to request to reopen and restart works.

It isn’t just a given here, construction has to apply to be allowed to open. They have to put forward a plan as to how they will keep the workers safe. I thought last night people would be moving in this morning and everything starting up again today.

Things really just can’t happen that quickly. Maybe all the staff need to be tested before they can move in? Maybe they don’t have the permission to do anything yet and need to provide further safe guards.

There was some good news last night. Zero new cases in the community. No preschool teachers, nursing staff or nursing home residents tested positive either. Just workers in the dorms.

I don’t know if they did test all of the workers or are still testing or how that is working but with something like 300,000 workers in the dorms I would have thought 80% or maybe more would have been infected because it is very close quarters. It looks like only 10% were infected based on the numbers so far.

Another person died though. It sounded like they were very unwell regardless of covid19 but it is listed as a covid19 death so that must have been the major cause of their death. So sad.

We didn’t wake up early enough to go for a walk. I have been waking up between 3 and 5 am for weeks/months. Today, when we could go out for a walk together, I woke up after 7am. I am busy from 7am through to about 6pm each day so that put a quick end to the idea.

Maybe tonight but I feel fewer people are out in the morning, considering shops usually don’t open until 10am because people just aren’t up and about before that.

How will things change as we slowly adjust to this new world order? For those where things have already opened up – how have things changed for you?

We will have to wear masks outside all the time but that is reasonably common in Asia so we were almost the odd ones out before Covid19 anyway. I don’t really like it but I would rather that than get sick.

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